Big Labrets and Tongues

I know this is not particularly freaky for BME regulars, but in terms of freaking out the mundanes, sticking your tongue (or half of it) through a giant labret always does the trick. On the left is Titanium Boy who has an 8mm tongue piercing and a 16mm labret, and on the right is Susan and her tongue split.

19 thoughts on “Big Labrets and Tongues

  1. Wii! Awesome

    When you eat, does the food come out from that hole? Stupid question, but had to ask 😀

  2. Oui, Susan/Chris is definitely a boy.
    Great pictures of the both of them 🙂

  3. Oooh, “mundanes”? As in, “Mundania”? Piers Anthony, Xanth novels, anyone?! LOVE those! Love these pics too, they are totally sweet…especially the first one, I was confused for awhile….

  4. Is it possible to blow up a balloon when you have a labret that big? I can imagine the jewelery popping out as the balloon is half inflated..

  5. Awww exciting!!!

    And yes Susan def. owns a penis.

    Though he will probably get excited that you called him a she…

    Damn kids these days…

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