38 thoughts on ““When elephants fight, the grass gets hurt.”

  1. oh my! At first glance I thought that was a woman bent over with the tattoo down her side to her hip.. I thought “wow you could plait that pubic hair!!”.
    But I now realise it’s not.

  2. No worries Lucy, I thought it was a very skinny guy lying on his side! However, I finally realized what it was! This is a great tattoo, I love the colours used and the idea of putting in the skeleton

  3. I like this new trend of Animals with exposed skeletons kind of tattoo, i like the style

  4. Ha! I thought it was a woman with epic pubic hair at first, as well. So funny that I wasn’t the only one.

  5. First of all my eyes cought the bush and only then the tattoo, and I got to write that second part of my vision is good, really good.

  6. Hahaha I didnt even realise it wasnt a side tattoo with lots of pubes until I read the comments… what a hairy neck!
    Love the tattoo anyway

  7. Totally thought it was a naked girl…and thought, “wow, best bush I’ve seen in a while…”

    And then I actually scrolled down to see the whole picture.

    And the tattoo is completely awesome. Would make a great sidepiece too 😛

  8. I really really love this…the colors, the style, everything. Super awesome.
    (Plus, elephants rock.)

  9. the only issue with everyones “i thought it was a woman” thing, its that the woman would have an intense hunch back..lol.

    beautiful tattoo, i think ive loved every elephant tattoo ive ever seen >.<

  10. i thought it was a guy on his side too. i also thought i was the only one who thought that and that i would be the first to post it.

  11. This is awesome! I love the colors, and I love animal skeletons, and I love elephants, and damnit I love you.

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