40 thoughts on “Identify the flesh…

  1. Y’know, I’ve heard of those little “wine charms” you can buy to mark your drink at parties. This, however, will totally make sure that *no one* touches your bevvie..

    (And, to me at least, it looks very head-of-the-penis..)

  2. What ever it is, it looks very gooey and sticky- that worries me….

  3. Im guessing a forskin. But first Im finishing my sandwhich BEFORE i look

  4. I don’t have a clue what is happening in that click-through…

    And am I the only one who thinks it looks more like bubblegum than skin?

  5. I have no idea… It’s not foreskin, ’cause it’s not in the full picture… I’m with #9.. I can’t tell what’s going on in the full one either…


  6. I need to say male genital flesh before even looking at the picture…but I could be very wrong.

  7. this def looks like bubble gum. but im going to say is has to be some part of a penis. im guessing foreskin.

  8. Yeah foreskin, i clicked through
    thats amazing i had an adult circ,which is rare in Ireland, and the courage/madness it must have taken to have performed surgery on ones own penis is enviable

  9. I’ve finally learned to not bother clicking through because I’m usually utterly grossed out and/or scarred for life, I do however still enjoy reading the comments. So I’ve decided to go with the silly putty answer 😉

  10. I figured it out before clicking through, I am happy he got the choice to do this instead of being mutilated as a baby but I enjoy my foreskin so much that I don’t understand why someone would want to get rid of theirs. But then again this site is here for “to each their own”.

  11. I respect the person who did this.. but I ask the question:
    why would someone want to shorten their junk? most men are pre-occupied with length… it’s clearly not just a foreskin. it looks (from the click-through) a cylindrical section from just behind the glans… but this would only create scar tissue and toughen up the area, probably impede sensation? I find it really interesting in a world full of ads for “penis enlargement!” and whatnot, that someone would go to great lengths to shorten their, ahem, lengths.

    Also, how would you preserve this part? I’m intrigued.

  12. to 33 “why would someone want to shorten their junk? most men are pre-occupied with length… it’s clearly not just a foreskin. ”

    try the same procedure and it will shrink to the least size it can hiding inside your body and screaming “boss, get these sharp tools away from me!!!!”
    on the pic, the size of guy’s “pride” should be ok, but it is just “Scared” 😀

  13. kt – First, lots of guys want to shorten their junk. Second, this person doesn’t and it really is a pretty standard way of doing an adult circumcision.

  14. not sure if its been said already but id say the reason it looks like ‘bubblegum’ is because the skin is inside-out

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