14 thoughts on “There will be charred flesh

  1. didn’t you just post a link the other day about branding being banned in pennsylvania though? not to sidestep from the original post, but pennslvania’s anti-mod laws just keep getting more ridiculous and more ridiculous. i’ve gotta get outta this state soon!

  2. The weapon is always loaded and you never point it at anything you don’t want to destroy. Just sayin’… 😛

  3. a black and mild? Really, if it’s going to be my last smoke I’d prefer something a little nicer, like a Padron 1964 Anniversary or a Monte number 2.

    And even if it wasn’t going to be my last, a black and mild is high up on the list of “I’d just not smoke anything”

  4. as much as this is funni its amazingf this guy could of created a new form of art burnifaction lol

  5. thanks for posting a picture that makes gun owners look like irreseponsible idiots..thanks,thanks a hell of a lot

    …this message brought to you by sarcasm…

  6. i had no idea what you meant by “he doesnt appreciate whining” (i thought you were just saying that about his personality) and then i looked at the picture again a few hours later and saw the gun. damn i guess im just that desensitized??

  7. i didn’t see the gun the first time i glanced at it either, ha!

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