Triple Daith Placement

This beautifully executed and I suspect quite tricky triple daith placement was done by Rion, a piercer of 17 years, who works at Deep Roots Tattoo in Seattle, Washington. I believe this may actually be the first triple daith I’ve ever seen, come to think of it!

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46 thoughts on “Triple Daith Placement

  1. that is stunning!

    I have a diath and it hurt the most out of my 15 or so cartilage piercings, and then healed the quickest in it’s little protected place.

    I have small ears so 1 was a struggle, I’d love to have 3!!

  2. That’s beautiful, although it really makes me wish my daith was big enough for a piercing. HUMBUG!

  3. I have seen doubles before, but not a triple. Although the concept was good, the anatomy was not properly suited for this client. The inner piercing is cocked at an odd angle, as well as being a tad too shallow. And unless the chanel was cut properly, I can almost guess what might happen to the outer piercing being as deep as it is with such an enlongated curve in it.

  4. I think that’s a stunning use of space and I imagine it’s one of the more comfortable ear piercings to live with but this particular project just doesn’t look very happy to me… I too would love to see how it heals and hear from the person on how it does over the next two/three years.

  5. Such a beautifully executed piece of work! It’s great to see such talent and skill.

  6. This looks incredible. I had a daith for a while but the bugger wouldn’t heal :( I’d love to see/hear how the healing is going on this one.

  7. That is a VERY nice pierce :) thats really, really, REALLY cool. The piercer should be proud; i know i sure would be!

  8. Awesome. I bet it hurt like a son of a bitch to get done, though. Owww.

  9. Potentially ignorant question: is it possible or difficult to wash the ear with that assorted piercing? I guess soapy water can go in and around, but can it be pulled aside to actually rub the concha? The piercing looks awesome, but the gnarly blackheads… not so much.

  10. Very cool! Can’t say I’d like the look for myself though – it’d be so hard to ever get really clean.

  11. that ear looks really unhappy – is that normal for this piercing? given how crowded it is, would a finer gauge have been feasible?

  12. I love the look of multi-daiths. I was actually pierced by someone who had healed triple daiths a couple of years ago. It’s still cool, but there are others out there.

  13. that is going to be a fucking bitch and three quarters to heal. my own took 2 years to calm down.

  14. It looks cool, but I wouldn’t get it, if only because it would make cleaning my ear difficult/impossible. And I gotta have clean ears, lol.

  15. man nice work… i hear they got a really sexxxxy counter guy. i think his name is anthony…

  16. See, what I wonder is whether this affects one’s hearing. I wonder this about a lot of ear projects, actually, because the human ear is very specifically designed for its job. Large-gauge inner conch piercings, cutting chunks out of the pinna…all things that can alter the modified person’s hearing. In most cases it isn’t that big a deal, but I often wonder if anybody ever considers this.

  17. Wow. that’s awesome :)
    I wouldn’t want to try and heal that, though… cartilage piercings for me are a bitch!

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