Living Room Decor

In contrast to the many beautiful outdoor suspensions that have been posted, and the more sterile nondescript “warehouse suscon” environments, I always get a kick out of suspensions that take place in living rooms, shop waiting rooms, and other socially surprising places for a hooking. Shrimpansnowpea sent in this shot of a six point knee suspension with Nickk Leading.

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44 thoughts on “Living Room Decor

  1. lol now I see the floating font…lol
    I thought that looked a little funny

  2. When I copy image location it says “I’m sorry for the photoshopping, I was bored”…

    and TV program looks goooood. 😀

  3. hmmm…why isnt she watching the tely I wonder? Looks like a good programme. haha photoshop rules

  4. Is it bad that my attention was immeadiately drawn to the T.V.?

    Seriously though, it’s kinda cool to see someone suspending in their living room…there’s something amusing to me about seeing what the majority would consider abnormal taking place in such a familiar and everyday setting.

  5. “inappropiate photoshopping”, haha ;). Took me a visit to her page and a look at the original picture to get it, though. Anyway, love this one – and I`d want to be able to suspend in the comfort of my home, too!

  6. beautiful suspension…but i couldn’t concentrate on it when there’s porn on tv…ohmy.

  7. I love how that girl is suspended almost naked, there is porn on the television and STILL the girl on the couch looks totally bored.

  8. She does look bored huh!

    It’s like “ugh, she’s suspending AGAIN!”

  9. Ahahahaha. The porn is funny because we totally were NOT watching porn during the suspension!! Nice one Shannon. 😉

    Mandalyn needs to smile more though. x

  10. at first i was looking at the suspension, but was strangely drawn to the t.v. mid-thought, hmmmm

  11. If this happened in my neighborhood… she would have just won the most creative “pube shot” in all of time. Is it weird that we have a game like that?

  12. i love how despite the suspension going on & the porn on the television, the girl on the couch looks way bored.

  13. Haha the porn addition is fantastic,makes the pic 😛 just imagine the chick on the couch thinking “porn or suspension…hmmmmmmmmm”

  14. 34. I thought it was a corset at first too, but then I saw it wrapped around to her butt… it’s underwear.

  15. Does anyone notice the nice little tv program being played in the background hahaha?

  16. Yep, first thing I saw was the TV. I’d love to suspend in my living room, then invite some people over to play poker, with the poker table set up in front of and below me. haha.

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