Cormorant Shoulders

Erin‘s cormorants on her shoulders were done by Stephen at Lefty’s in Pittsfield, MA. She explains them and the tree tattoo that sits central on her chest;

“I was shocked when I learned that having a large tree tattooed on my chest would change my life forever. Now people are drawn to my art instead of in awe of my nasty scars. People of all ages and walks of life are attracted to my tree, and the birds have helped to bring peoples eyes up from my chest.”

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22 thoughts on “Cormorant Shoulders

  1. Where does she have nasty scars? Unique tattoos and i love the placement of it all.

  2. as an old teacher of mine used to say:” In the tree of life sit the birds of knowledge”

  3. i love the tree tattoo, it is absolutely gorgeous!
    Seriously beautiful!

  4. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS! They look incredible, it fits her chest well, the colouring is awesome. Wow I just all out love this/these piece(s)!

  5. oh, that is really noteworthy for its coolness

    the roots in particular i like

  6. hey, that me. i was surprised to see myself here. the thing is, my name is huck, not erin. silly shannon. thanks for all the compliments. i drew the tattoos and stephan did a great job rendering them.
    and suzanne, what do you mean jesus birds?

  7. I want to get tattooed by stephan! he had a shop where i live (the first legal tattoo shop in mass after 40 years) but i was too young then.

    i love your tattoos, they’re beautiful!

  8. I’m in love with it.

    I remember at Earth Fest in Boston MA last year there was a woman with a full back piece that was a giant beautiful tree. absolutely amazing.

    glad to see someone on MA in here. 🙂

  9. love the art, but as a canadian, i hate those birds because they kill all sorts o’ fish that shouldn’t have to deal with crazy birds that are from other places killing them.
    but it looks rad.

  10. Woohoo, I live near Pitty and have seen Stephan and his art… it’s all good! Cool. He’s done a lot for my brother.

  11. absolutely beautiful! please tell us about the scars if you can. sidenote: isn’t it the same to ogle someone’s art as it is to ogle their boobs?

  12. i have crohn’s disease so my intestines dont work very well. the scar on my chest (covered by the tattoo) is about 2.5 inches in both directions. it is from a catheter i had while i was not allowed to eat food for over a year. the catheter eventually got infected, was cut out and left a scar that looked like a gun shot wound over my heart.
    i also have some major scars on my belly where the doctors cut out my intestines on 4 seperate occasions.

  13. Wow. I can’t imagine not being able to eat food for a year. Very pretty tattoos.

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