War Wounds

The three point spiral cartilage piercing that Jay Dee Werland at Tiger Rose Tattoo and Body Piercing in Pismo Beach, California has just installed here is nice and all, but I also like the “studded for her pleasure” marks from all the old piercings… My ear still has those from piercings in the 80s!

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12 thoughts on “War Wounds

  1. I have plenty of these, too; they’re still open even though I haven’t worn any jewelry for years now.
    it’s actually a nice reminder of the good ol’ times.

  2. The old piercings makes her ear look like it has goosebumps….kinda cool in a way.

    Gotta love the spiral though. I wouldn’t do it but it looks great on her.

  3. Mmm…I had a 5 point spiral that I had to take out due to lots of reasons, and I’ve since re-done it with only 4 holes, but in the mean time I massaged vitamin E oil into my ears, I heard it was supposed to reduce scarring, and it definitely made those 5 little bumps go away. :) Just a thought, if the wearer cares to get rid of them…it feels slimy and gross but helps a lot.

  4. I have a few of those too…from lovely piercing guns a while back.
    You live and learn :)

  5. I have those too…… I really don’t like them, but they really don’t bother me too much. Stupid guns…..do you know walmart sells them now. You can buy the gun itself!

  6. I have a couple of those scars on my ears from stupid DIY piercings when I was about 13 or 14. Did them with a saftey pin. I was soooooo smart back in the day lol. I hate those scars, so thanks for the vitamin E tip. I’ll have to try it.

  7. oh yeah, i still have massive bumps (and discoloring) from the gun-punched cartilage piercings i had over ten years ago. i think this person’s bumps look kind of neat though.

  8. so big and swollen.
    when i got my three point spiral done my ears looked completely different because of the swelling.
    the bumps on her ear are almost uniform enough to just look neat though.

  9. Ahh the joys of scar tissue :)
    i think it looks nice, and im sure that it brings back memories for her- it certainly does for me!

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