Following up on the facial knife fight scars, here’s some chest work out of Istanbul, Turkey.

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26 thoughts on “Slashed

  1. Very nice, i like the unplanned look,assumingly done so it will look like an accidental injury? anyhoo looks great

  2. nature223 – I’m not sure that “I did something and fucked up and got hurt” is more valid than sitting through a scarification session — arguably more difficult.

  3. Shannon, many people with scars did not do something “fucked up and got hurt”. Though I have many scars from (sports) injury, the most severe scars I have are from a kidney disorder that I was born with and the inevitable surgeries that followed. Getting practically sliced in half at the age of 10 and then three more times (and I’m not done yet!) since then, (i’m 28) is hardly comparable with a short and relatively painless cosmetic procedure. Comparing corrective and reconstructive surgery and the preparation and rehabilitation involved with it to this mod is naive. This includes burns compound-fractures and other major bodily trauma that leaves lasting scars.
    Due to my experience/trauma I will never get “elective” (i.e. plastic) surgery and have even turned down surgeries to correct my scars. I am tattooed over about 15% of my body and have many retired piercings. I had never seen a “mod” as fake scar until I saw modblog. This practice and it’s actualization, though I understand the desire for intimidation and a dangerous appearance, does not feel right to.
    To each his own.
    Sorry for rambling.

  4. MisMatch – Please re-read my comment and you’ll see you’ve skipped the word “and”, and are thus misquoting me fairly seriously.

    And you don’t need to lecture me about surgery; I had an orange-sized bone tumor taken out of my knee.

  5. Shannon….the scars I have I earned,through work,trauma,surgery,and pain and related hinderences that follow them…not sitting in a mod shop and letting other hack on me and paying for it,mine have stories.
    not just a ‘thought it would look cool,it only cost me 75 bucks’….that’s lame

  6. and shannon…I have had two knee Arthoscopies (menicus shot/ACL shot/Patella shot,Tibial shelf unhappy,Femeral Condyles trashed) and my need a TKR…so I know your pain,trust me..I know it daily at this point,and the scars from an arthro are a joke,I can barely find them.

  7. I don’t see how getting scars that don’t ‘look like anything’ is any different than getting scars that look like a fish or a buddha or a sunflower.

    They are all decorations — “body modifications” if you will — and are all equally valid in my book. Now, if someone wants to start claiming that their chest scars are from a sword fight when they’re not, well then that’s just as disingenuous as claiming you were born with your buddha scar.

  8. I’ve never seen knife wounds like that and I’ve seen a fair amount. Whenever I see someone with shit like that I can picture them in a bar telling bullshit stories to stupid young girls.

    “Oh yeah..these 3 guys tried to jump me but I totally kicked the shit out of them. Check out my scars..and touch my penis.”

  9. comparing scars from surgery to elective / decorative scars is ridiculous. they are two entirely different things.

    i’ve had three major surgeries now – large scale abdominal surgery, a thoracic spinal fusion, and 12 days ago a lateral release / medial advancement on my right knee. do i have scars? sure, i have lots of them. whatever. they’re my scars. they’re part of my body, just like my tattoos and self-inflicted scars from the years i spent as a cutter.

    if you want to get nitpicky on the definition of a mod, it’s something that modifies and changes your body. if someone goes out and gets a gorgeous koi fish cut onto their leg, does it detract from their own reasons behind it simply because it’s an elective scar? of course not.

    people have their own reasons for doing everything, their own stories behind it. if they do something because it looks cool, well hell, they’ll have a bizarre story to tell later, won’t they? just because i don’t like the aesthetic look of these “slasher” tattoos, or because part of me thinks they might be used something like #17 said, doesn’t make THEIR reason for getting it any less valid.

    people who have had extensive surgery are so quick to put themselves up on a pedestal and say “my pain is greater than yours”. shit happens. i’m sorry others have had to have surgery, just like i wish i hadn’t had mine, but it’s done. it doesn’t make me better or above anybody who chooses to have elective scars. all things considered i don’t think i “earned” mine at all – i was born with something wrong with my body, or developed some sort of disorder, that had to be surgically corrected. doesn’t make me special, maybe in the eyes of my doctor as he goes on vacation next month but that’s about it.

    anyway, sorry, ranting. scars are scars. millions of people have them and 99% of the population would never even notice them unless they’re artistic.

  10. “slasher” cuttings, i mean, not tattoos. ugh. i have to stop visiting ModBlog when i just woke up. >_<

  11. Oh good lord. It looks cool, the dude is probably happy with it. Now everyone stop being self-righteous and condescending about how much better their scars are or what-have-you.

  12. Maybe this guy’s definition of male beauty was inspired by something he saw (movie, otherwise) Maybe someone in his life was involved in a real life incident resulting in similar scars. Maybe he feels as if he won’t be complete unless he has this mod.
    Just let it be. I think it looks cool. People are assuming he’s going to try and pick up girls with it… that’s a brazen assumption.
    The same goes for elective facial scars. I think (as some others do) they look cool. It’s not everyday you get in a knife or sword fight and are lucky enough to receive a cinema-quality scar without losing an eye. If that’s what someone thinks completes them, so be it.

  13. I just have to say, if they were really knife scars they’d be deeper and more fucked up. Like the saying goes, “Always bring a gun to a knife fight”.
    I really like post 22. I was going to post something along the lines of “he just wants to look tough” until I read it. It really put things in perspective for me and let me contemplate this better.

  14. It looks like razor cuts to me. I have gotten cut by a razor and seen them on others as well and this is what it looks like to me.
    Either way its his body and what he wants to do with it is his biz

  15. the psychology behind fake scaring???? , as if u have been in knife fight. in Australia if people found out they were fake. You would never put that shit on ur body. they would make an example and probably shiv u a bit more.
    is to try look scary? or ur someone ur not?
    scars are earn through our personal life situations, some we are proud of and some we may not be.
    This is just childish to me and crosses the line of body art and self expression when made out to look like knife injury or machete fights.

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