78 thoughts on “2″ Lobes

  1. her eyes… oh god her eyes, i can’t look away.

    she is so intense and beautiful. her lobes look great, i love the weights she has in them, they look so antique.

    would love to know what her chest says. i miss my IAM account. 🙁

  2. wow she is gorgeus.

    she is so cute, like the (for western people) not standard jewelery.

  3. Anyone else a fan of Firefly/Serenity? She looks an awful lot like Inara!
    Beautiful girl, beautiful work!

  4. hehe, #10, posts like this make me think i AM a lesbian….
    very pretty 🙂

  5. Did she recently post in a Livejournal community about her heart finger tattoo?
    She makes me want to get my septum re-pierced.

  6. It’s true, I thought I had seen her before – she looks so much like Inara. Gorgeous!!

  7. oh wow… she’s stunning. her facial piercings look perfect on her.

  8. nope serenity or firefly,both arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre absolute nonsense…as for the ear weights! KAAAAAAAA-CHING!
    where can i get some?

  9. she’s so beautiful… and the lobes fit so perfectly her that i didn’t even noticed them at the very begining hehe what a beautiful woman, she makes me want to find love hahahaha

  10. Easily one of the DOPEST tattoos ever. Having it on her, a beautiful woman, makes it THAT much cooler.
    I want it, but being a medium/bigger guy, I think it’d give off the wrong idea. I’m a lover…

    So cool. I envy this lady.

  11. Beautiful girl, beautiful jewelery. Note: I accidently left this comment on the cock tattoo entry aswell *cringe*

  12. DAMN DANAE!! Queen of modblog. Maybe she should be the next BME logo? If I get her tattooed on me do I get BME4LIFE status?

  13. Are those brass weights? She’s beautiful and the weights are too =)

  14. hottest girl on iam. easy. and im not usually a big fan of ear weights, but this picture changes my stance on that

  15. I remember the first time she was on modblog, thought she was beautiful then too!

  16. When I first saw the pic, I didn’t even notice the ears – she is gorgeous.

  17. The weights in her ears are lovely, though the length of the lobes isn’t my thing. She’s a very sexy woman otherwise.

  18. am i the only one who is disgusted by her extremely thin earlobes?!

  19. shannon, i’m sorry you feel that you must viciously defend her, but they are very thin. who knows, maybe my standards for healthy earlobes are higher than yours. nonetheless, you are entitled to your opinion and i will not argue that or tell you that you’re wrong since thats all this is, is a battle of opinions.

  20. that’s funny, people usually tell me I have some pretty fatty lobes. hahaha. well at least when I’m not wearing some HEAVY ass weights in them.

  21. #48 – I’m not really digging the lobes, either. but then again I’m not really into stretching at all.

  22. well dirtbag_danae, i disagree. but its just my preference. if you’re happy with them then thats all that matters!

  23. I also don’t consider her earlobes thin at all. If they’re that big they will obviously not be as thick as smaller lobes, specially since the proportion is bigger.

  24. #57 that is not necessarily so. you’re not set with a predestined “limit” that you can stretch your lobes, or anything else for that matter. as long as they’re cared for properly, and you listen to your body when stretching, you can have very thick earlobes at large sizes.

  25. marry me marry me marry me

    her earlobes look nice and thick and fleshy. kinda wanna chew on them.

  26. “Look upon thy death.” That is gorgeous work.
    Though I’m not usually a fan of nose rings, this looks great on you.

  27. shes really pretty, and im a tough critic. i love the gold weights too! and the pose with the hands is great. just a beautiful pic overalll!

  28. iphantom- I think you are arguing with the actual person!
    and If you have never seen her ears in real life, how can you pass judgement?

  29. iphantom- I think you are arguing with the actual person!
    and If you have never seen her ears in real life, how can you pass judgment?

  30. iphantom- they arent thin. they’ve just been made bigger.

    i saw this girl at the body art expo in september, i think. and she’s still just as gorgeous.

  31. wow they look gorgeous, seriously. I’m at 1″ atm and have a looong way to get where you are.

    P.s. I’m going to add you on myspace if you don’t object?

  32. She is seriously one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen. And I just love her lobes. Truly a stunning photo.

  33. Omg. She is so beautiful. I envy girls that look like this, for that exotic look. I’m german, blonde w/ brown eyes. I feel so plain. Maybe that one of the many reasons I “decorate” myself. 🙂

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