18 thoughts on “Stunning.

  1. The color and creativity is outstanding.
    I love it – not many people can work like that when it comes to bright colors, from what I’ve seen.

  2. It’s really a work of art that could stand alone as such, isn’t it. I’m impressed – I’m gonna go look at his portfolio right now.

  3. I really like the style, and the colour. Absolutely beautiful. His tattoos look almost as though they were painted with a brush, not a tattoo machine.

  4. #5 yeeah “the colour ouf of space” or such unsayable unthinkable thing 😉
    wonderful work, so well integrated

  5. that is just drop dead beautiful. i love the use of color, it’s so vibrant and full of energy! it looks like there’s no way it could possibly be real, like it has to be some sort of digital rendering. that is one CRAZY skilled artist!

  6. everything on his page is extraordinary. i love how delicate and full they are. hes got a steady hand

  7. I don’t like the picture itself very much but the colour is very nice. Why is it so unusual to see tattoos w/o black outlines? Are they technically more difficult or something?

  8. He used to date my sister- his stuff is incredible, and there’s a year and a half wait list at the least.

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