My Adidas

By Julian (Tattoo Julian) in Valdepeñas, Spain…

me and my Adidas do the illest things
we like to stomp out pimps with diamond rings
we slay all suckers who perpetrate
and lay down law from state to state
we travel on gravel, dirt road or street
I wear my Adidas when I rock the beat
on stage front page every show I go
it’s Adidas on my feet high top or low
My Adidas…
My Adidas…

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34 thoughts on “My Adidas

  1. ahh that is an incorrect depiction if your riffing on RUN DMC,but a decent execution on the tattoo
    RUN DMC….never had shoe laces in their shoes….ever,
    watch their videos just to confirm it

  2. I hope he/she was paid for permanently tattooing advertisement on the body… :S

  3. Boots, shoes, sneakers are far more than just things to cover ones feets. They are kind of philosophy, aren’t they?

    I am wearing 20-Eye Shellys, “The ultimate steel cap boot”.
    *sings* shiny, shiny, shiny boots of leather..*/sings* (the Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio Version)

  4. Nah man, Puma ftw.
    All though I would like some new Nike’s.

    My friend has those shoes.

  5. So… seems like several people here thinks that their SHOES -and more, the commercial brand behind their shoes- define, in some way, who they are ?

  6. i don’t care much what brand i wear, but to define myself today, i am a BRITISH KNIGHT(s) ;-))

  7. haha i had a realistic brogue tattooed on my stomach for a laugh,ive also worn the same pair of wrecked converse for about 3 years dont know what that says about me

  8. i have about 26 pairs of shoes, 10 or so in regular rotation, all different brands, almost all look brand new (the 15 or so that arent in regular rotation are the ones that are older and more worn out, so i wear them less, so they last longer).. i have a problem.

  9. #14. you’re definitely right. I prefer to lace them the parallel way.

    #26. are all of those shoes Adidas ones?
    If so, that’s not a problem, that’s a privilege!.
    If they aren’t, then… you know…

  10. Once I saw someone with the Converse All-Star logo tattoo’d on their ankle area. It made me smile.

  11. #22 – DUDE! shoes a pretty much a big deal, i work in a shoe shop,spend more time looking thru stock than actually working!
    shoes are an important piece of day to day life,and ur shoes shud say something about you! :) like a comfy tattoo for u foot but with laces on :D

    different shoes have different histories and can leak little bits of personality about the person,without them saying anythign too you!


  12. looks like it might be a little blown out underneath the sole under the shell (at the very very left of the tattoo)…. not a lot of anything, maybe it’s just blurry cause of… i dunno, it just seems a little blurry right there, that’s all.

    and i dunno, i’m glad this person like their tattoo and all, but if they’re such a fan of adidas, why didn’t they get the whole word “adidas” tattooed on as well? too commercial, i guess?

    anyways, nice…

  13. Was examining sneaker culture couple of weeks ago in my sociology class. Should have a look at the sociologist Steven Miles study of sneaker culture. He discusses how sneakers have become very important symbols for establishihng someones identity in society.

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