My grandad is cooler than your grandad

Ok, he’s not my grandad — this is tattoo icon and author Herbert Hoffmann (the amazing and highly recommended “Bilderbuchmenschen“, also available in English from Last Gasp as “Living Picture Books”), photographed by AEEC in Bibione, Italy. A couple more pictures are after the break.

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33 thoughts on “My grandad is cooler than your grandad

  1. I love seeing pictures like this it really answers the dumb question of “what are you going to do when your xx years old?” my answer…be happy

  2. He´s a lovely old man. I´ve met him allready and we spend some time together in a pub… he also tattooed me his signature… well kinda! XD

    Non the less, he is very charming!

  3. i just tell people i’ll have other things to worry about than a green wrinkled body which i think looks lovely anyway.. i’ll have lovely friends and family members around to kick back with who i have spent a life time getting to know and vice versa.. and i doubt i’ll be chasing girls down the street or at the pub.. they’ll be chasing me wanting to know my story.

    people’s outlook on life can be very shallow..

    those photos give me faith again that life is full of happiness and difference!

  4. well, he might be someone’s grand-daddy…

    anyway, he looks awesome and so happy. i wanna be like him when i’m older:)

  5. If he were my grandpa, I think I would have a complex b/c he’d be cooler then me…

  6. Just because a man was in a Russian pow camp, or in the Wehrmacht does not mean he was/is a NAZI.

  7. Hehe this actually kinda answers my thought about how it’ll be like to be tattoed AND growing old… he looks so full of confidence and laid back relaxed… can’t really see why “old people” can’t be tattoed, it’s not like you’re gonna care what others think by then!? :P

  8. inexorabilis — Good job ignoring the question I was asking. But some basic research on the Wehrmacht shows that it was created by the Nazi party, that the Commander-in-Chief of the forces was Hitler, and that “The Wehrmacht was found to be complicit in the Holocaust.” ( )

    So, while you are right that just because someone was in a Russian POW camp or the Wehrmacht does not make then a Nazi, your statement does not address my question. The question, which still stands, is whether or not Herbert Hoffmann was in a Russian POW camp because he was a part of the Nazi army (or Wehrmacht, as you were kind enough to name) or whether it was for some other reason.

  9. Not everyone who joined the Nazi army hated jews. Some of them were simply forced conscripts as far as I know. I have a gentleman who survived the Holocaust in the building I work in and he told me all about how his best friend was forced into the army and was later forced to arrest the families of the people he lived with. He later killed himself.

  10. Yeah I always tell people that with everything else that is going to sag and be wrinkly Tattoo’s will be the last thing on my mind as a worry anyway. They will still be beautiful far after I am not.

  11. First picture kicks ass! Old man with two cute girls and a table full of drinks… I hope that’s me in about 50 years!

  12. I had the honor to met the man a couple times on Conventions in Holland.
    i was telling stories to me and a couple friends (who where also working on the convention), and when he finished his story ther where well over 50 people all listening openmouthed to him.

    it was incredeble

  13. Love this.
    It’s a nice kick in the face for everyone that tries to say you’ll regret what you did when you’re old.

    Hah. Win.

  14. cuntcumber – What’s your point? That he was German and of age during the war? Plenty of US tattoo icons (Stalking Cat being an obvious example) were drafted and served in Vietnam. Big deal. Doesn’t mean they’re fascists personally.

    It’s a completely irrelevant strawman.

  15. I love the 3rd pic :) He’s just so happy that Im just smiling when looking at the pic.

    The 1st is nice as well, party animal, ey? ;)

  16. I love cool old people. And that last picture is priceless. I love the expression on his face.

  17. I can only hope that when I’m that age I will be considered cool in the same way. On a different note, too many young men were forced to join the army in Germany during the “Big One”. They didn’t follow the philosophy of the few leaders. We all know the history. Too bad we don’t hear the stories of those forced into service.

  18. good lord, kids. read cuntcumber’s questions. i do believe it clearly and simply asks if anyone knew why he was there. it does not say he was or is fascist, a nazi, racist, or anything. it simply asks if anyone knows WHY. maybe we should all take a close reading class and stop assuming people are implying things, especially when they may not be! also, anyone’s opinions or funfacts about nazis are a bit irrelevant unless you can actually answer the question being asked.

  19. maybe he was in a russian camp BECAUSE he was german, in the army, and male, at the time germany was finally defeated?

    my grandfather was serving in africa and went to a US pow camp afterwards… then he was reshipped to england…

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