ModProm 2008

It is with great pleasure that we are able to announce the triumphant return of BME‘s ModProm! Everybody’s favorite excuse to break out the seersucker and classy it up for one special evening is back for another year, this time in one of downtown Toronto’s premier party establishments (the specifics of which we will announce shortly).

Make no mistake, though — this isn’t just a night to play dress-up. This is a real prom, complete with tearful, mascara-smearing exchanges in the ladies’ room, awards (at the moment, the superdelegates are split 50/50 on Prom King) and the chaperonage nonpareil of renowned family man Bob Saget! (No, we haven’t seen the Aristocrats, why do you ask?) As if that’s not enough, you can also look forward to delicious food, an open bar and, above all else, a night with friends and family that will be impossible to forget.

Check this page frequently for new information — advance ticket sales will be announced shortly! Until then, pop your zits, buy a corsage and prepare for June 28, 2008! The war is over — tonight, we dance, prom-style!

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