45 thoughts on “Neck/Throat Corset Piercing

  1. The fourth ones down don’t look so good, but that aside this is one of the more beautiful corset piercings I’ve seen. I really like it, especially with red ribbon.

  2. Is that bruising around some of them (I’m assuming they were just done when the photo was taken, obviously)?
    It looks pretty, but when I see these with CBRs I always think 1. that probably won’t last, and 2. it will probably leave some crazy scars. Sorry to rain on her parade.

  3. A couple of the piercings look angry…but none the less I like the overall look. I actually can’t recall having seen a neck/throat corset piercing. To me, it’s visually pleasing.

  4. wow, tha tlooks great

    i was planning on getting a throat one done so the peircer (spelling) can have the under her belt. looks like im going to have to step it up abit and go one better i think

  5. #5 I think pretty much everyone knows a corset piercing is not a permanent thing.. I highly doubt she expected to keep it.

  6. That really makes me shiver, anyone touching my neck makes me feel nauseous. I’d really have reservations about doing that myself.

  7. dude… unless this is an inside joke of some sort…
    what zit?

    Other than that, I definitely LOVE this.

  8. I think its lovely. Its reminiscent of the Kayan tribe in SE Asia and the Ndebele tribe in South Africa. The corset resembles their rings.

  9. Lawl! I cant believe they removed the zit from her face, thats fucking funny…

    But ah, yes, the piercings look great regardless of the 4th one down looking irritated as hell. Fast rejection?

  10. It can’t last long, the ribbon would be stained with cum. At least at my house =o)

  11. Grace always Bruises, heavily, easily, and quickly when we do the corsets. She has very fair skin that turns red the second you even rub it lightly. The Bruises always go away within a week or two, and by the end of the month, you would never Know she had it done, no bruises, NO SCARS.

    These are “play” corsets, We always go into this knowing that we will be taking it out by the end of the night. These pictures were taken about 9 hours after we did it, and about 30 mins before taking it out. We do it for the show of it, the pictures, and for the experience.

    When Grace first asked me to do it, I was hesitant because i had never seen it done before, and did’nt know how it would look. I didn’t want it to look like shit, especially for the pain she would need to endure to have it come out crappy.

    I’m really glad she talked me into it, It is my favorite corset i had performed so far, maybe ever. And it came out looking amazing, and really beautiful on her.

    Thanks deadite_666, thats my favorite shirt of all time. And IMHO the best Pantera shirt ever printed.

  12. Hurrah For Spider Bite!
    I plan on getting my septum pierced this summer there.

  13. wow that looks so cool, only the 4th piercing from above on the right really looks angry.

  14. I must say the fourth ones down (resting on her collarbones) look a bit iffy but all in all a very beautiful corset piercing

  15. I dont understand why everyone is commenting about the bruised piercings. Has nobody ever seen a corset piercing bruise? Maybe i should have PhotoShopped the bruising out…

  16. I like it, too bad there are a few angry ones. Who knows…maybe she can heal them? That would be quite a trick.

  17. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a neck/throat corset before. It’s beautiful…absolutely stunning!

  18. I honestly didn’t even notice the bruising till people started nit-picking. And it’s still not even that prominent.

    Don’t photoshop it out – it’s good for people to realize that 14 piercings in the neck may actually cause bruising…

  19. I don’t understand how the two small studs on either side of the corset, right under the collar bone work.

  20. that strikes me as a dangerous/impractical piercing. it’s interesting though, i assume it was done just for the photo, or as a temporary thing?

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