39 thoughts on “Redheads

  1. this would be pretty hot if she didn’t look so royally pissed off. sometimes angry just doesn’t = sexy.

  2. Looking at her IAM page, she has a really pretty smile. Kinda makes me think this photo would have been SO much more flattering if she’d shown it off.

  3. that facial expression is AWFUL. Really not a flattering look on anyone no matter how beautiful. I like the tattoo though!

  4. well what I’m wearing IS from american apparel, so I guess that’s appropriate. haha.

    and uhh.
    that’s just my face without me doing anything to it. :/
    people have always told me I look angry with my face relaxed, though, so I guess I’m not surprised.

  5. She looks like she’s rolling her eyes. Kind of overdoing the “I’m trying to look sultry” facial expression.

    On the other hand, it’s nice to see a nipple piercing pinup who looks more like an average but pretty person and not like she works for SuicideGirls.

  6. Looks like Princess Beatrice meets Peaches Geldof. Agreed about grumpy look; it’s not that nice.

  7. Xenobiologista: have you seen the state of some of the Suicide Girls? If you see the members only galleries, many of them REALLY aren’t particularly glamorous young women by anyone’s standards! Somehow they make the front cover of the site look like it’s a very professional operation with high standards – behind the scenes, it’s really anything but.

    – this young lady here is far nicer looking than many of them.

  8. #28 ohhh no! hehe

    2nd comment on this one – this photo just shits me now and that a shame

  9. Is it bad that I spent more time looking at her (gorgeous) ass than anything else??

  10. wow,i think she’s awesome….redheads are the queens of all female beauty.i adore redheads.

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