More On Eyeball Tattooing

Please don’t think that the title is a play on words.

John Blake (in the blue shirt) forwarded me some more pictures of himself, Cutthroat (red facial tattoos), and Josh (totally blue eye), who all have eyeball tattoo work by Howie (, along with Andrew S from Swingshift (last photo). Each experienced quite a bit of spreading after the injection.

Eyeball tattooing has got to be my favorite new mod… I don’t know if it’s got universal appeal (but who’d have thought tongue splitting, also decried as completely nuts, would take off like it did). My eye tattoo is now almost one year old (along with Josh and Pauly’s). Here’s some closeup photos of how it’s doing.

As you may recall, it had some problems with a cyst-type structure developing (which was examined by eye injury specialists and ultrasounded, with no complications other than the obvious being found). While it definitely made me nervous for quite some time, it appears to be stable at this point. I’m definitely looking forward to continuing this work, and I’m always thrilled to see more of these admittedly gnarly, mutated-looking zombie-like eye experiments!

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43 thoughts on “More On Eyeball Tattooing

  1. Hmm, this is the first time a kind of “guess what” picture without it being mentioned in the text.
    But where the f…. did he put such a huge tube through….

  2. I love the completely blue eye, reminds me so much of dune. I wonder what frank herbert (r.i.p.) would say about this?

  3. Unklebill – There are already a couple folks with UV eyeball tattoos! One could make the argument that due to the encapsulation in UV ink, it’s safer.

  4. looking at them always makes my eyes start to water lol, although i do like the look of them, esepcially the eye which has gone completely blue

  5. Looking good. It’s not something I’d do myself, but it’s still very interesting!

  6. To be honest, I’m a big fan of eyeball tattoos. They just look incredibly cool. Almost. My problem with them, so far (being so new and unknown risks put aside), is that they just don’t “natural”. I assume that Josh’s eye, the most complete I’ve seen so far, isn’t finished yet, so I’ll disregard the holes and smudges, but there’s a distinct white border around the iris, that, in my opinion, just ruins the look. I hope it’s just temporary, and will get filled as times goes by, but I’m getting the feeling (for no real reason) that it might be something that’s not so easy to overcome, which is a shame, because the look is cool in general.

  7. Therese – Two people (me and one other) had the cyst-like complication. I don’t know of any other problems so far.

    RustY – It is possible to tattoo the iris as well, so in theory it could be borderless. Personally I like the “mottled” look and I don’t think I’ll want to fill mine solid.

  8. I love the idea of eyeball tattoos, but I really don’t think I could ever do it! I love how yours looks like you dropped something in your eye, Shannon. Very cool!

  9. I’m with eve at #1 – that’s a great subtle “guess what” and I have no idea what!

  10. Is the last picture not just a massively stretched transcrotal? I doubt any other part down there would stretch that much.

  11. Shannon, you and Josh have such beautiful eyes and the blue ink seems to just bring it out even more. all of the tattoos here look great, it’s so awesome to see something starting to take off with more and more people trying it!

  12. Did Josh have more tattoo sessions in his eye than the others did? Or is he just really fortunate that his eye held the ink so well.

  13. i’ve just saw an episode of csi ny…one of the suspects had an eye-ball tattoo xD getting trendy…

  14. I love how in one of the pictures, his hand is through what I’m assuming is a transcrotal piercing. Love it.

  15. ya its a transcrotal…. to all that have asked…. the pictures are great!!! im really excited to see how this is turning into a really popular thing ..

  16. The spice must flow…

    I’d love to do a full eye tattoo with UV ink, but I’d worry too much about corneal scarring. Maybe someday I’ll get just my whites done. That would be kick ass.

  17. I heard on the radio the other day talking about the most painful place to get tattooed and they placed the eye as number 1. By any chance, is this true?

  18. I love how the blue eyeball tattoo came out – it’s pretty amazing. The black is alright…it might look better if it were all black. I’m still waiting for someone to do tattoo their eyeball with red ink…

  19. piraterie, i dont think theres any nerve endings on the surface of the eye…. my guess would be that its just uncomfortable?

  20. #15 Rusty – I think no matter HOW dark it is in the room, you always have at least some sliver of iris showing around your huge pupil, it doesn’t go to nothing.

    So, if you only tattooed not the entire iris but just barely the border of it, possibly not a problem? True, the people I’ve heard of with entire-iris tattooing have all been blind (with odd eyes, they were tattooing them to look normal).

    Unrelated to that, I know a guy who has a big black blob in his eye looking similar to the picture, only his is some natural weird thing (it’s a bit more purple, too). He’s never liked it but maybe one day he can tell people he was cool before it was cool 🙂

  21. I’d love to get some eye tattoing done. Actually I missed Howie being in NYC by a week. I was planning on gettin my tongue split but didn’t get paid till then week after. I was pretty bummed hopefully he’ll be back in the not too distant future. Maybe I’ll see about gettin some ink impaled in my eye too

  22. Ha! I finally got my picture on here proper!
    Had to get stabbed in the eye, but I’m famous now!! lololol

    The ink has actually spread some since those pictures. As soon as I possibly can, I will submit a sequence of pictures that shows how much it spread over the course of a few days. I’m extremely happy with the results, and thank howie for his time and work.


  23. I also, felt absolutely no pain as the ink was being injected. Nor when the needle touched. Nor any time, other than when saline was sprayed into my eye to rinse out the excess ink.
    Who’d have thought mild salt water would hurt worse than needles in the eye??

    Wild world. Wild world.

  24. Eyeball tattooing is OK, I guess, but how would it affect someone like me who has had laser surgery to correct their vision?

  25. That guy with the facial tattoos was on Wife Swap, he was some kinda circus performer and wouldn’t get a real job for his little kids. Funny.

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