Madre’s Day

Lindsay loves drinking her mummy!

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Mum = Alice.

Artist = Alana Robbie.

18 thoughts on “Madre’s Day

  1. Holy crap, your Mum must be awesome…all’s I think of when I’m about to have a shot of Jager is ‘Good God I’ll regret this tomorrow..’

  2. when i first saw it i thought it was cough syrup, or something along those lines – and i was like, “awwwuh”.
    but i guess liquor’s just as touching.
    : /

  3. We both have Alice in Wonderland tattoos on our arms! We’re so cool.

  4. Haha, this is AMAZING!!! All i remember is the one time i drank w/your mom, 1 drink, i was done for! haha. pomegranate martini’s! “Madonna’s comin!!!” lol. <3 love!!

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