Sign of the apocalypse

Yes, things are not looking good…

Click the review for the matching tattoo…

You don’t need to watch it

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97 thoughts on “Sign of the apocalypse

  1. Not my cup of… whatever.

    Nice review though, but I wonder if the reviewer got the femininst angle right.

  2. I’m actually not that surprised someone got a tattoo in tribute…but what a flash-in-the-pan subject!

  3. how completely off the wall. i wonder who was sitting around thinking “you know, poop is a great subject matter” and decided to go with it. it’s just so…random.

  4. Hahaha I remember reading that paper a few months ago, it’s hysterical!

    And that tattoo is awfully amazing. A nice ode.

  5. I think there’s a “What?” under the word phallus because it’s a really long stretch to claim that the cup is an inverted phallus. I love imagining how the person marking this paper felt… reading along, thinking “hrmmm ok ok… ” and underlining a few things, making a few comments, and then “WHAT THE HELL…” and just marking the rest of the paper as inappropriate and giving a zero. hehehe.

  6. OMG! I feel so weasy. Has anyone actually clicked on the link? I hate that I’m so curious :(

  7. DUDE THATS AWSOME!!!! I respect who ever handed in this work of art.
    I wonder what was going through the examiners mind at the time?

  8. It’s so poorly written. I’m a horrible writer….and…..well I just think if it was well written it would have been hularious. It’s like a “reallllly funny joke gone horribly wrong”.

  9. the clip a trailer for a longer movie. If the writer wants to write a paper on it i think he/she should watch the whole thing, or change the last paragraph to acknowledge that.

  10. I’d love these fake papers a lot more if the “proffeser” grading them actually had legit handwriting.

  11. As the holder of a women’s studies BA, that paper is PURE GOLD, and largely representative of how I felt about most of my writing assignments for one professor in particular.

    Also, that tattoo is incredible.

  12. LOL, that video is so fucked up, ive seen it before, my friend and I were rolling on the floor laughing so hard. If I was taking an english class i probably would have written something like that too. One of my papers was about arborphilia,(people who fuck trees), I got an 80 on it. The tattoo is funny too.

  13. gosh…i wish i had the guts to hand that to a teacher
    brilliant…that’s gotta be a story that the teacher will tell for many years xD

  14. LOL Shiza, I would have said that arborphilia (and I did google that one) wa the strangest thing I ever heard of, but I clicked the video for this entry just 1 hour earlier, so you only make the second place. :)

  15. actually, the cup (or the cauldron, in modern wicca) is NOT an “inverted phallus” but its feminine (and -I guess, but I’m an hellenic pagan, not a wiccan so I’m not sure- more powerful)counterpart. the statement isn’t completely wrong, so.
    that being said, the paper is absolutely nuts and so the tattoo… ;)

  16. hahahahaha that was a nice pick-me-up of sorts, which is actually kind of disturbing…i guess building computers all day causes a need for a little slice of insanity

  17. As a heavily modified person, a body piercing shop owner, and a full-time registered nursing student I veiw this essay as a fucking joke and a slam on the credibility to all heavily modified college students. I am no idiot to the fact that what I choose to do to my body is sometimes held agaisnt me and my professors hold a stigma to the modified person as a non-serious student and perhaps other negitive things. As stubborn as I want to be about that stance I know it wont change and I’d be ignorant to think it would. Through alot of hard work, dedication and persistance I maintain a 3.5 GPA and prove to the doubting thomas that I am not all the thing they may imagine me to be. I think that as a community of people we need to continue to hold fast together and continue to prove who we are. I know I’m doing my part, as for the ‘student’ that wrote this, they obvious should have known that reveiwing a pornographic (not to mention pretty offensive to most on all fronts) film for a college level class would not be appropriate. When I see this I think the person was trying to be a smart ass and deserves the grade they got. An ‘F’. I’m not gunna fall over like a blind sheep and think this is artsy or insightful, to me, its insulting and offensive as a serious student.

  18. I find it bothersome that the grader didn’t get ‘apropriate’ quite right.

  19. I can’t even read the paper without getting nauseous. and I couldn’t stand to watch more than about 2 seconds of the video.

  20. First, for as much as I know, it’s not real “fecal matter” but chickpea pulp. Second, the tattoo really lacks talent, and third, the text really lacks talet as well :-) The subject of the two girls and one cup might absolutely lend itself to a discourse analysis from a similar sort of perspective, but seriously – it takes some knowledge and quite some brains to make it fun and just not stupid rambling.

    Cheers! :-)

  21. As a teaching assistant at a large university, I assure you that not all markers handwrite. Also, I would not give this paper a 0. I was actually in a position once where I had to deduct marks if students did explictly describe the sex practices of a particular tribe of people. Pornography is a legitimate medium to critize, perhaps much more so that dead literature that hardly anyone reads voluntarily.

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  23. 28: I wasn’t aware that it was possible to be a heavily modified nurse.

    Is it more tolerated in the U.S than here in England?

  24. #28… it’s a decently written paper and you dont know what the assignment was. 2girls1cup is now a cultural icon, and realistically just because it’s not pg doesnt mean it shouldnt be a valuable way to interpret culture. if you pride yourself so much in being intellectual and part of the creative body community, you should be able to see that there’s more than one road to being “smart.” you dont have to write all your papers on niche.

  25. 38: I am a heavily modified nursing student here in the UK. Location Location Location. My lobes and most my visible piercings are gone, but all the most interesting stuff is hidden by the uniform anyways! ;) Incidentally I am also the owner of a body piercing studio, for a second I thought I must have had a substance-induced spell of writing on modblog without recalling, gahaha.. :P

    On the subject of the post – I really don’t agree that writing should be marked as a fail because it’s extreme in any one way or another, writing is writing. My two cents..

  26. WTF at the So Long post. I still have it in my RSS reader, and it will stay there as long as it needs to. You can’t remove things from the internet.

  27. #33- I’m a troll because I hold pride in my acedemic aptitude?
    #38- Where there is a will, There is a way.
    #39- I will disagree with you on the fact that the paper is decently written. When looking at formal grammer and stlye of professional prose it is fraught with error. I will agree with you that there is value in writing formal prose on informal subject matter. Trust me, I’ve wrttien my share. What I’m saying is that that for a college level course this subject is a little too informal. This person isn’t sitting around a frat beer pong table and jackin jaw with their friends. They should have expected the grade they received.

  28. This is obviously fake because the “teacher” spelled inappropriate wrong.

  29. that was the craziest SHIT i ever seen, everyone click on the link. is it bad that i was kind of turned on.

  30. LMFAO!!! My husband teaches film history – I just let him see what his marking future holds.

    Disagree with the teacher though. The content would be appropriate if the essay were any good.

    Rachel, teachers often spell things wrong…especially after hours of marking…and reading essays where students obviously take the piss.

  31. Ok so no where dose it say that the person who wrote this is modified nor dose it say they own the tattoo. so i dont understand the original comment you made manda. i understnad where ur coming from, but u were kinda drawing conclusions.

  32. I love how the paper is written almost perfectly from a gramatical standpoint and if it wasn’t about this probably would have been given a high grade.
    At least for a first year arts course anyways.

  33. HEY! I read this a while ago and then in my university class on the abject a student did a very well received presentation on 2girls1cup and the teacher told him it was very impressive.. and it was. much better than this joke…

    It sounds impossible to be able to do a presentation on a fecal porn video but he related it to the reaction that people have when face with something “abject” .. something that is rejected from the body and how the mind also rejects it just as the body did.

  34. Dang, y’all… don’t pick on the grammar if you can’t even friggin’ spell GRAMMAR properly, amidst your many other errors.

  35. Allthough it doesn’t affect me as it might have done in the past, I really didn’t need to see that video!! :P YUCK!!
    Tattoo not my makng my favortie list either, but whatever rocks your boat, go ahead! :)

  36. hahaha this is hilarious. I love academic writing on ridiculous topics like 2girls1cup.

  37. # 57- I was quite aware of my error upon posting that comment. Luckily for me this is informal prose.

  38. AHHHHHH! lol… I’ve heard people talk about this video… and I knew what happened in it… but had never seen it (due to laziness to look it up… sad i know) The stories don’t do justice. lol, thats some nasty poo. I wish i could take back that few moments of my life. lol.. its funny someone wrote an essay about it… I would have at least given them a 50% for effort. lol

  39. I didn’t post a link because you don’t want to watch it. Also It’s been taken off the internet, because it’s that much worse than two girls. Anyone who saw it in the brief window it was up will understand.

  40. To me this screams “wanky freshman kid reviewing the most offensive movie possible to deliberately piss off their teacher so they can complain about discrimination”.

  41. Yeah, that teacher was wrong for grading the paper based on the film rather than the paper’s merits.

  42. MR.C
    it has a link ..
    click where it says
    “you don’t need to watch it”


  43. LOL reminds me of my essays in high school. Despite the bad grades, the teachers were just way too much fun to fuck with.

  44. i can’t imagine that’s even faked by a college student. i don’t want to put too much faith in the education system, but if i were going to fake an essay, i would at least use a legitimate citation and formatting… and perhaps spell checker.

  45. This is an old one…
    I don’t think the person who wrote it was necessarily modified. o_O Troll or not, I see a lot of academia as a total joke anyway.

  46. Ive been collecting MFX Brazil videos for years and SG and X-models.

    I was so amused when the 2 girls 1 cup thing started showing up everywhere. This is hardly the best of MFX video.

    MFX made some kick ass mvoies in the lesbian genre of scat piss and beast. Sad day when they stopped producing.

    Still many of the girls continue to make movies :)

  47. First, for as much as I know, it’s not real “fecal matter” but chickpea pulp. Second, the tattoo really lacks talent, and third, the text really lacks talet as well :-) The subject of the two girls and one cup might absolutely lend itself to a discourse analysis from a similar sort of perspective, but seriously – it takes some knowledge and quite some brains to make it fun and just not stupid rambling.

    Cheers! :-)

    Oh and erik it is not chickpeas… I have 100′s of MFX movies they are some of the best real scat swallowing, scat femdom, forced scat play videos out there. The girls all lived in a big house before and lived on a special vegetarian diet inorder to lessen the chances of illness. Allso in nearly all MFX movies the end scene finishes with the girls forcibly vomitting the scat and whatever else was consumed with it.

    Get your facts straight :) There is some fake scat but its easy to spot and not from MFX. As a long time scat fan and with many friends who also collect scat movies. Many people find this very erotic and a huge turn on. We know our movies better than the people who have only seen this clip :/

  48. That has got the be the hardest thing I have ever tried watching. I admit that at a few points, I gagged and retched. I’ve changed too many adult diapers to handle seeing something like that.

    Now, I would like to address ‘Manda’s comment.
    I am a 2 year post-grad nurse, and oddly enough, I started modifying myself more heavily when I was just starting.
    Apart from the fact that it’s against a modified person’s rights to force them to remove their jewelry for anything but security/health reasons, it didn’t take me long to figure out that if I do well in school and clinical rotations, then no matter how I look, I will be treated fairly.
    It is up to us nurse/nursing students to simply PROVE to the faculty that appearance has nothing to do with skill and grades. I firmly put my foot down early on, refusing to remove any jewelry or cover up any tattoos. By my third and final year, I had 1 inch lobes, several surface piercings, visible tattoos on arms and legs and yet I had the highest class average and was offered first-pick for an apprenticeship location.
    I understand the frustration that Manda feels, but it is that way of thinking that will cause faculty members to treat you different. It is up to the modified person to prove him/herself in this case. I don’t think it should be necessary as its none of their goddamn business, but the fact is, right now, its what needs to be done.

    And that english lit. teacher is terrible! Yes, he can’t spell, for one, but also, apart from the topic, the paper is fairly well written. I think she may have used her thesoraus a touch too much, but she gets her arguments across.
    Also, film reviews are subjective. Her idea about the cup is not ‘wrong’, its simply how SHE saw it. I have to agree about the inappropriateness though. In a college/university setting, maturity should be more on the forefront for this kind of thing.

  49. Funny enough that there is a wide range or marking opinions here. Just goes to show you that sometimes passing a class has more to do with the teacher than the student.

    This text may be well written, but it’s also a lot of BS. BS works sometimes. I’m a fairly seasoned writing and can easily write a long essay about absolutely nothing in particular and get a passing grade. Writing BS (i just can’t bring myself to say the ‘s’ word right now) is ten times easier than trying to make sense. Whoever commented that they were a professor and has never had a student be able to write BS that well – well, now you know of two.

  50. Concentric – I have seen Swap, it’s about 2 hours long. The whole shitting in to peoples fisted ass holes thing gets really old after about 15 minutes.

  51. i fucking dry reached when i watched the clip, its fucked! i feel sick

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