Argentina invades Mexico

I really think that without a doubt one of the most truly stunning, unique, striking, exotic, and beautiful women in the body modification scene is Argentina’s La Negra, photographed here by Eduardo Baez for Tatuarte en la Piel magazine at Danny Yerna‘s event in Mexico. More photos continue after the break.

60 thoughts on “Argentina invades Mexico

  1. I think I’d have to agree.

    …ok, I actually think I’ve been staring at these pictures for WAY too long now… lol.

  2. she is so beautiful. but her eye makeup is horrible and ruins these pictures with streaky blotchy dark grey and white awfulness.

  3. gorgeous lady, it’s interesting how her hairline changes her appearance as much as her tattoos

  4. I love her, she is so beautiful and a so great person. I remember when I met her so many years ago, just an icon in buenos aires. still is

  5. #12 – i certainly wouldn’t blame him, i think i have a crush on her too! 😉

    i’ve been staring at these photos way too long as well. exotic is probably one of the most fitting words for her, she seems more artwork than human (and i mean that in a positive way). just far too beautiful to be real.

  6. i wish i couldve seen her, she’s stunning, and i live here in mexico city!! We dont have that many Heavily modified folks here…

  7. She is not only incredible beautiful, I recently sent her an e-mail asking for some information and she is also amazingly sweet.

  8. La Negra is not only one of the most beautiful womens I ever met, she is the strongest one! I love you dear!!!!!! truly <3

  9. Nose ridges? Wow, that’s new to me. Looks more Bajoran than Klingon… (I’m such a nerd) Very beautiful lady.

  10. i totally agree..shes amazing!
    im checking her profile from time to time=))

  11. It is funny how some people will come in here after looking at someone far more beautiful in so many more ways than they could ever be and find faults in her!
    NO ONE is perfect…

    She is beautiful and if you take a moment to send her an IM she is incredibly sweet.
    To me she is an inspiration and one of the bravest most beautiful women I have ever laid eyes on.

    I say admire her she is one of very few.

  12. Pretty pretty lady *sigh*
    I love her chin tattoo with the stretching and piercing 😀

  13. 29: ive yet to read anyone faulting her on here. seems all are praising her, except the one who said shed be pretty without makeup. curse them. (note the sarcasm)

  14. Looks great. And nose ridges is a new one to me, too. It makes me think more about my “Stargate: Atlantis”-ish piercing to case an effect similar to the Wraith’s… “secondary nostrils”, I guess?
    I have to be honest, though, and say that I don’t think the corset works to her benefit.

  15. #29 – and who are you to say that ‘person X’ is “far more beautiful in so many more ways than they (‘person Y’) could ever be”….
    as you said – no one is perfect. beauty is in the eye of the beholder….

  16. Some like this, some don’t… for my part… she’s not one I’d ask out for a date 🙂

  17. I wish that I had the strength to do all that she had done! She is absolutely beautiful, gorgeous, WOW!!!!!!

  18. WOW. she is really beautiful but i cant stop looking at her hairline. can someone tell me who makes the plugs she has in her lobes. thanks

  19. i think she looks like a cross between some kind of lizard and a cat. Intriguing…

  20. Satan called, and he would like her to crawl back into his ass as soon as possible.

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