Where will all the boobies go?

Now, I saw good ol’ Giles cheering that ModBlog might soon be ruled under an enlightened era of feminism, while I saw other people opining, oh please, please, where will we get our boobie shots? Now, don’t worry… If my guesses as to who some of my replacements are going to be, I can tell you that they’re real sleazes, and you won’t have to worry about getting your fix. But, until a new era of shallow excuses starts, here’s a nice photo of Dagon taken by Greg Gabelman in Vancouver, with the chestpiece being done by Shawn O’Connor.

31 thoughts on “Where will all the boobies go?

  1. >>Now, I saw good ol’ Giles cheering that ModBlog might soon be ruled under an enlightened era of feminism,

    It would have been a nice change but hey ho !! 😛

  2. THANK GOD! we worried for the boobies!
    THese ones are very nice i like the collar ink too 😀

  3. Please tell me the “era of shallow excuses” is not a dig at Rachel. Can’t we at least attempt this transition with as little drama as possible? I don’t know the story behind the whole Shannon vs Rachel/bme fans vs Rachel, but I like Shannon, and I don’t know Rachel, so I’ve got no problems with her. Everybody deserves a chance. Until Rachel proves herself to be as horrible of a person as some of the comments to recent posts would lead me to believe, she’s alright in my book.

    That said, I’m a feminist, and I’d like to see more boobies and ladybits posted here! As well as more penis. People should be proud of their awesome moded bodies!

  4. Emaline – Calm down, of course it’s not a dig! “Era of shallow excuses” is a joke about me using the slimmest of modification excuses (ie. “she has a navel piercing”) to post a pretty girl/guy.

  5. And we’ll be more than happy to take more pretty girls with the slimmest of mods and even less clothing!

    Good luck Shannon!!!

  6. Good. I’d be very disappointed if it was. Drama is never good. Especially public drama.

    But shallow excuse aren’t so bad, I guess! If it leads to pretty girls showing off their…umm….tattoos and piercings, then its definitely not bad.

  7. I like how Shannon posts people of all sorts. I like how not everyone has to be heavily modified to make it on modblog. Thats a VERY pretty chest tattoo that girl has as well a nice boobies. A mod is a mod whether it is a navel piercing or a split tongue (I think both are great!). I hate it when heavily modified people make fun of less modified people. That happened to my fiance. Some heavily modified guy gave him a hard time because he only has three piercings and three tattoos. Bah!

    Im going off topic now arent I? Sorry but rambling is fun sometimes 🙂

  8. It’s a really nice chest piece / photo.

    But i’ve always been really confused about the tape-over-nipples thing. I just don’t understand why people do it. Someone want to clue me in?

  9. Whoever will be in chrge of updating modblog, it is vital that there is at least one hot naked girl per day. Leroy, the tape over the nipples is the bare minimum a girl can legally wear in public. Its as naked as you can be and not get indecent exposure charges.

  10. awww Shannon what is poor Giles going to rally against when the new posters begin posting boobies? Your ruining his fun by leaving but I suppose less of Giles rants is a side benefit.

  11. i have had a big crush on this girl for a while and hope that one day my friend will introduce us when i’m in vancouver. haha

  12. canada can be very slack sometimes on girls being topless. in ontario a girl can be walking around topless as much as she wants as long as she is over the age of 18. and in vancouver after certain nights at Sin City girls will walk out of the bar topless with no issues but i have no idea if cops come around much after the bar lets out.

  13. #11, your fiance’s experience just goes to show that just because someone’s heavily/visibly modified, that doesn’t mean his/her mind is necessarily any more open — or that s/he is any less of a tool — than that of your average Westboro Baptist Church member.

  14. Tattoo is great, very pretty girl.
    I was wondering though, is there any significance to putting crosses on breasts like that? Does it have any symbolism or is it just to hide the nips?

  15. yay! boob shots will continue!
    *takes a deep breath*
    good job Rachel, things seem to be going well
    sorry for doubting
    but i still miss Shannon 🙁

  16. >>awww Shannon what is poor Giles going to rally against when the new posters begin posting boobies.

    Don’t worry, the real world has much that needs sorting out. This little community is of little consequence when compared to the REAL world and its problems.

    After all who truly cares what a bunch of tattooed, pierced people think anyway? Not many I guarantee.

  17. Most of you are still so poorly educated and brainwashed that thinking for yourselves is sadly a world away.

    The media representation of pierced, tattooed people is spot on most times.

  18. This was my number one concern with Shannon leaving, and I’m glad it is being addressed.

    And yet your reassurances seem backhanded because the girl has her nipples covered. Bring on the nips!

  19. So MistahG I’m curious. Who exactally do you think is brainwashing us?


    i knew i could find a place like home on the internets

    why do i think that girl’s right eye is hotter than her left eye?
    nice pic


  21. She reminds me of my old wife I had in my late teens and early 20s we were together for 7 years ans she got killed by a drunk driver. I am now 46. and remerried

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