21 thoughts on “A Secret Message, From My Feet!

  1. Haha I’m thinking of a Hollywood Undead song…wonder how many songs include something like that…
    Very cool :)

  2. deffinateley seen that before on bme, except i think it was on a girl, and done in pink/burgandy sorta colour. i liked it then, and i like it now.

  3. Although it’s hard to tell for sure since the pic was taken at a bit of a distance, it appears to be really well done. A lot of people think that solid blackwork is a snap – but it’s actually a lot trickier than you’d think.

  4. I almost never comment, but is the subject line a live action Tick reference? A Secret Message from my teeth?

  5. That is the name of a defiance, ohio song and i am really hoping that is where it came from. d, oh is killer

  6. cant stop wont stop (www.cantstopwontstop.net) is also an aussie hardcore forum

  7. I immediately thought of Junior Senior’s song Move Your Feet :) Nice tats anyway, whatever they refer to.

  8. I agree w/ #4, definatly seen this or one similar before on modblog. I think they also had a discussion on where the words came from.

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