16 thoughts on “Alright, Sprite.

  1. i want the blood to be part of the tattoo too! he didn’t get the little mushroom spots done?

  2. When I first saw it I thought the blood was part of the tattoo also (and thought it was badass), but the tattoo is still cool anyways.

  3. Looks like the spots were outlined thinly and going to be filled in later?

    But seriously, why does everybody and their grandmother have to get the 1UP mushroom? It’s like the 2nd most common in the Geek Tattoos gallery after the Zelda Triforce. (followed by, in close order: video game controller, power symbol, [someone’s grandmother’s dog’s uncle’s boyfriend’s sister’s hamster’s name] in binary, Master Chief…)

  4. i thought from the blood that this was a cutting at first, but man.. i concur that the blood as part of the design would rock.
    he should take this picture back to the artist and get them to add it. XD

  5. awww, love it!

    with my 1st tat experiance i took ibuprofen for a headache before hand… and it thinned my blood a good bit. Not a good 1st experiance. lol

  6. LOVE it! Yay 1up. And is it just me or is he bleeding quite a bit for a tatty? I don’t think any of mine even came close to bleeding that much… Anyways, can’t wait to get my nerdy Super Mario World tatty 😀

  7. #9: This is specifically why, when choosing my Mario-inspired tattoo, I stayed far, far away from the 1-Up mushroom. I went with a Goomba instead, and I couldn’t be happier. 😀

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