It Beats Visiting Space.

Alex Gagarin (no relation I assume) had some time to kill and experimented with mighty gauge cheek skewering..

I’ve just noticed that I’m using the same sort of sentence structure and humour that I annoy BMEvideo members with, bear with me. I’ll improve.

21 thoughts on “It Beats Visiting Space.

  1. Uri Gellar was the spoon bender

    Yuri Gagarin was the first man in space.

    I think, perhaps your a little mixed up.

  2. And I think, perhaps, I don’t know the difference between Your and You’re.

  3. very intense, I love this
    did he already have gauged cheeks or was this all fresh?
    either way, It is very cool

  4. ….awesome shot. Captures the drama of the whole thing.

    Roo, we love your bad puns and plays on words.

  5. nature223, I can assure you that the ‘u’s are necessary. British English was around before American English.. so we know what’s right ;]

  6. Wow! that looks intense. They do a lot of large gauge cheek skewering in Thailand at the vegetarian festival. The only thing that shocks me is that in Thailand they dont do any of those rituals in a clean sterile environment! Im all for rituals for personal growth but Im also for steralization for personal hygene.

  7. Wow. That looks so intense, but also like so much fun.
    I don’t think any other cheek skewering photo has ever made me ogle like this.
    I kinda can’t stop looking at it…

  8. To argue for the veggie fest sometimes rituals dont need to adhere to western ideals for a clean sterile environment. All the participants are well aware of what they are doing and the risk involved. Life doesnt always occur in a nice clean white room with a face mask and sterile gloves.

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