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  1. why are the guns blurred?
    (sorry if that is a stupid question)
    I really like this tattoo, I have somthing like it only it is just a single gun tattooed to look like it is tucked into the waist of my jeans
    I really like this tattoo alot!

  2. they are really well done. hurrah american censorship! sensor out the word god but not damn in movies, or shit for that matter… wtf?

  3. they are really well done. hurrah american censorship! censor out the word god but not damn in movies, or shit for that matter… wtf?

  4. This is a bit of a change – clicking through and NOT seeing someone’s cock in the ‘full size’ picture.

    The tattoos are quite nice – but please don’t stop posting cocks. Kthxbye. :-)

  5. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people, and monkes do to (if they have guns).
    Fantastic tats, though.

  6. So, if I call this guy a fucking loser, is that saying the meanest thing about something I don’t understand? Because he’s seriously a fucking loser.

  7. Mmmm… nice gun.

    Not so much the scrawny guy whose pants need to be pulled up, but mmmm…. nice gun.

  8. Yawn…… How truly outrageous.

    “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people” – Wrong. Guns were designed and invented specifically to kill.

    All gun owners are scum. All gun fetishists are scum.

  9. Yawn…… How truly outrageous.

    “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people” – Wrong. Guns were designed and invented specifically to kill.

    All gun owners are scum. All gun fetishists are scum.

    –all closed minded people, who think their shit don’t stink are one step below that~

  10. Personnaly it’s not the gun that bothers me, it’s the finger on the trigger : p

    That said, the hip revolvers tattoo is pretty nice !

  11. >>–all closed minded people, who think their shit don’t stink are one step below that~

    Gosh, what a wonderfully articulate and academic insight.

    Are you American by any chance ?

  12. 22: “So, if I call this guy a fucking loser, is that saying the meanest thing about something I don’t understand? Because he’s seriously a fucking loser.”

    Yes, it’s indeed close to saying the meanest thing about something you don’t understand.

    You don’t seem to understand that you can’t say whether someone is a fucking loser or not, just by looking at pictures made during a photoshoot.

  13. “All gun owners are scum. All gun fetishists are scum.”
    “Gosh, what a wonderfully articulate and academic insight.”

    Generalizations aren’t exactly and articulate and academic insight either. In fact all they do is further foster the divisions between people, cultures, races and sex. They cause problems, negative situations and adverse reactions.

    not gonna get into the elitist hypocrisy and lack of real intelligence you frequently exhibit on Modblog but god you are full of yourself.

  14. My brother in law has almost the exact same tattoo except its on his lower back. He is NOT scum and hes a very sweet, quiet, loving guy. He treats my sister like a queen so hes awsome in my books. His gun tattoo more symbolizes “the cowboy within him” rather than him wanting to shoot anything. In fact he doesnt even own a gun. Just a tatty :) Dont judge people if you dont know about their life. If people judged me by my photos then I would be in pretty rough shape..lol…

  15. >>oh yes, cause let’s just assume all americans are assholes right, way to go giles.

    Only about 3 aren’t. The rest are inbred pond-scum

  16. >>>Generalizations aren’t exactly and articulate and academic insight either.

    Read your sentence again and try once more, this time with correct ions.

  17. I find that many American people take things way to personally and get defensive way to quickly

  18. eeehh???

    just cuz we see’s guns doesnt mean we’ll buy guns or shoot guns. a person has to make up their own mind.

    i dont see a gun tattoo as glamourising gun crime – its simply a tattoo.

  19. Meh. I wonder what he could achieve if he glorified other kind of tools instead.

  20. For mistahg:

    Yo dis shitz is hottt as a mofo. Lolz. Dem gunz be blazin mah mind.

    And bout bein inbread pond scum…no im american and im only as bad as the crusties between ur toes and ur eyes. Im like that booger you can’t pick or that flake of toilet paper stuck on ur stuck up privlaged ass. I can be propper but I won’t constipate myself with perfect english all the time. I hate being american cuz of the blatant, generilizations of ignorance and stupidity about everyone here that everyone else non american makes. Im not your american prototype…if you came here you’d know not everyones the same…I didn’t choose to be born here but until I have cash to move im gonna do what I can to no go crazy here. So yea… back off mistahg cuz u sound more idiotic and inbred than any american I’ve known.

  21. so Acid, what do you expect that i do when that asshole giles here is calling me inbred pond scum? i mean, according to you, saying something about it means i’m taking it too personally, but at this point, i’m sick of taking shit for the actions of american’s that i have nothing to do with (and don’t get me started on this one – i work my ass off and stay poor as fuck so i can fight what i don’t like in this country, i just don’t sit around idly [and giles, there’s more than 3 people are work with so your bullshit statistics are wrong). i’m sure german people are sick of taking shit that whole nazi thing so if i made a comment about that, saying all german’s are heil hitler nazis, and then some german guy got upset, would he just be taking things to personally?

  22. >>>Generalizations aren’t exactly and articulate and academic insight either.

    Read your sentence again and try once more, this time with correct ions.

    *correction* “Generalizations aren’t exactly articulate or insightful either.” Happy Giles?

  23. Remember people knives don’t kill people, people kill people.
    Hey, while we are hating on guns and such, why not add cigarettes, cars, and fatty foods to our list?

    Oh that’s right, because the same crazy anti-gun fucks want their other freedoms, but apparently do not want others to be able to have theirs.

    Gun owning is a personal choice. Guns do not kill people, irresponsible criminals/gun owners kill people. Take a look at all the states/cities (not only US) that have banned guns and see how WONDERFULLY (not) it worked out for them.

  24. Sae- well, good example, I am actually German myself, and no, i would just accept that the person making comments are of a low intelligence and cannot accept people for who they are. And do not know enough about the Nazi’s to be able to make an accurate asumption

  25. “guns don’t kill people, people kill people” this could just be me being retarded but say I accidentally dropped a gun and it went off and killed a person, is that still me killing the person or is it the gun?

    In any case I own a gun, not because I particularly like them but rather because people keep trying to shoot me with theirs, go figure. When it comes down to it I don’t think anyone is scum because they own a gun (or don’t own one) but rather because they’re human in general and think we can tell people whats right and whats wrong because of it.

  26. uhm. Isn’t the person PULLING THE TRIGGER the reason that the gun fires? (other than when it drops or is malfunctioning). The day a gun floats out of the drawer it’s kept in and shoots someone in the face on it’s own is the day I believe they themselves kill. They were designed by man, making man the killer. Not the gun. It’s an inaimate object. Like your brain apparently.

  27. Don’t sweat MistaG, he’s still in his utopian/elitist stage; either he’s still very young and idealistic, or hasn’t had enough life experience. Probably well-educated, yet still ignorant. The scales will balance and courteous discourse and pragmatic, independent thought will displace his socially inept and politically-charged thought process. Well, hopefully.

    Educate yourself some more: go to a gun range sometime with an open mind. You’ll find that the participants are the most courteous, thoughtful and kind people you’ve ever encountered. Far more than the mod community I’m afraid to say. Not to take away from the mods, as I am one; but for a well-rounded, smart and kind group of people, you can’t beat LAW-ABIDING gun owners. Important distinction. If your country has stripped you of your small arms, only criminals will still have them and unfortunately you won’t be able to participate in this learning exercise, and I’m sorry about that.

    Castle doctrine. Protection of family. Suppression of tyrannical government takeover. A fun individual or group hobby, to boot.

    But what do I know, I’m from the United States. ~330 million people, all exactly the same !

    Cool pics by the way!

  28. >>>>oh yes, cause let’s just assume all americans are assholes right, way to go giles.

    >>Only about 3 aren’t. The rest are inbred pond-scum

    I have to disagree, post #37. There are many more than 3 decent Americans; in fact, I know there are dozens, maybe even 100 or more. As for the rest of the 300+ million, well, yeah, inbred pond scum is a pretty accurate description!

  29. It’s really silly(especially here) to say all gun owners are scum. Especially coming from a pierced and tattooed person. It is a horrible and untrue generalization that all people with tattoos are scum and I don’t see how that’s any different. Not everyone with a tattoo is a scum bag but every scum bag has a tattoo. The same can apply to guns. I own a gun. I’m as very far from a scum bag as a person could be. I got into guns in the Boy Scouts for goodness sake. I’m an American, I’m intelligent and I’m not pond scum. I don’t carry my gun, I don’t have it to shoot people or animals for that matter. I’m anti-violence, anti-hunting. I’ve never been in a fight, I carry bugs out of my house… I just like guns. I have a cowboy style revolver. I love history, I love target shooting, I’m not a scum bag. People who go around killing people are scum bags, no matter what means they use. Is archery for scum bags? I’m just curious how someone who obviously considers themselves intelligent could have such close-minded and very incorrect opinions.

  30. Seriously…why does everyone else in the world have to say things like this. I know/have met thousands of Americans that aren’t “inbred pond scum” or “assholes”. I myself live in Michigan and I am neither of those things. My family, my friends, and my co-workers all do not fit into those categories. I don’t know where you went in America that the only people you met fell into these categories, but it wasn’t the typical America. I wish that the other people in the world would realize that no matter what the average American does to try to change his country/his government nothing is going to happen. Unless more than half of the country got up off there asses to help the cause, nothing will happen. I agree with some people that our government is f*cked, but I have never voted for any of the presidents that have been elected, work my a$$ off for sh*t pay, speak my mind, and am active in trying to change the way my government is. My sh*t government is focused on one thing…money. There is one candidate that is actually saying what needs to be said, but he has been left out of almost every debate, and every public meeting, and is not in any media because all of the candidates are puppets wrapped up in a mess of deals with other people so they can get one thing…money. And if this guy was elected half of the current puppets/greedy bastards would be fired. ABC’s John Stossel did a 5 or 6 part interview with him that was never aired because the owner’s of the network would not allow it because of other ties they had in the government that give them…you guesse it, money.

    If you came to this country and visited with a non-bias point of view you would realize that you are wrong in your assumptions. What you see on your television and on the internet is not a realistic depiction of what an American is. Why do you think it’s in the media? Do you think the media would spend money to broadcast the story of the average American? No, they wouldn’t. This is because there is no money in doing so. The media exists for one purpose and one purpose only…money.

    Also, I own and shoot multiple guns. I use them for hunting and for sport. I shoot clays, paper targets, and hunt for deer. What’s wrong with that?

    Unless you can post something constructive and on topic with what this community is about, then take your conversation elsewhere, because it is not welcome here…at least not by me.

    (and don’t post about my grammar, I’m posting a comment on the internet, not writing my thesis paper…)


  31. Blimey people, why do any of you care what Giles thinks? The man either has the driest sense of humour in the world or is a complete twat!…..either laugh with him or ignore him. Everyone knows not all yanks are in-bred or pond scum. He just likes a wind up and the reactions he gets from everyone just encourage him…..i’m actually starting to quite like him, he’s like the court jester of the board

  32. @55 & 56: If you are talking to me, I too am an American. I was born and mostly raised in California. I have visited 43 of our fifty states, and lived in (6 months or more) 9 of them. I have also traveled to many Asian, European and Latin American countries, so I have some idea of what the rest of the world is like.
    My problem is not with guns specifically, just the prevalent American attitude. I am (and have been for nearly eight years now!) ashamed of my country’s president and government.

    sxe rob: You sound like an intelligent and cool guy. I also really like history and target shooting. I actually own a cap and ball revolver from the civil war period and a flintlock rifle from the revolutionary war… However, when you say “close-minded and very incorrect opinions” I have to wonder about your name being sxe rob. I have had some people really give me shit because I like to drink a bit and sometimes smoke some herb. From my personal experience straight-edge is not exactly the most open-minded group of people I know.

    Cbass182: OK, you live in Michigan, but have you spent time in other states like Idaho (beautiful scenery, great fishing, f’ed-up, backwards people!), or Mississippi (same as Idaho!)? It really is true that the vast majority of Americans are sadly undereducated, pathetic, impoverished, bitter, religious, gun-toting, trash.
    You sound like a Ron Paul supporter when you say “There is one candidate that is actually saying what needs to be said, but he has been left out of almost every debate, and every public meeting, [etc].” Well, if you open your mind and learn a few things you would realize why Ron Paul’s candidacy was a joke. The only hope America has to once again become a respected player on the world stage is Barack Obama.

  33. #26 – Thankfully, then, the gun doesn’t have a mind of its own to employ itself for killing. :]

    ….so people are still the ones who kill people. Pencils don’t kill people. But they can be used to, if you’re creative.

    I like the tattoos, cliche or not. It seems like some people can’t appreciate tattoos as artwork unless they’re super-unique and original. Ink just doesn’t hold the same meaning for everyone.
    I also hope that we go back to censoring only genitals, or even better, nothing at all. ;p

  34. chinaman9, i was not talking about you. and i am straight edge, and yes many straight edge people tend to be militant and they anoy me probably as much as they anoy you. i’m open minded to the extent that other people can do whatever they want. my friends are a mix of vegans, meat lovers, straight edge kids, and drug users and alcohol drinkers. actually i have very few straight edge person. i made my user name when i was 16-18, not sure.. but it wouldn’t be the same if i made it now though i’m still straight edge. i’m just not as into putting it on my shirt as i was when i was 18. but it’s just what people recognize as my user name now. so anyway, i’m straight edge but open minded to non-hateful or very negative things.

    and tranque, i’m sorry but i don’t think it’s incredibly close minded to say the opinion that all gun owners are scum is incorect. that is simply not true. that is objective fact. even if 99% are scum, which isn’t true just making an example, the statement that all gun owners are scum would still be wrong. it is not close minded to say that.

  35. As Eddie Izzard said, guns don’t kill people, bullets kill people. Give everyone guns but no bullets. Unless you whack someone over the head really hard with a unloaded gun, its probably not going to kill them.

  36. Quoth Giles
    >>Only about 3 aren’t. The rest are inbred pond-scum.
    And you are the living epitome of whiny self-righteous Brits who can’t get past the Revolutionary War. Waaaa, you lost your colonies and your empire of opresssion. Waaa, time to rally against the Americans. Waaa. I am pond scum by default of birth? You need to brush your 3 remaining stinky British teeth and take a bath this year and re-present your arguement. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

  37. Awww did we scare mistahg away ;)

    I kinda miss his blatantly ignorant comments and his anal attitude on grammar. It made it interesting for awhile….

  38. Ha. Ignorance is hilarious. Just because you haven’t been exposed to something or only one side of something, doesn’t mean its wrong.

    So let me ask you this:

    If guns kill people then do pencils misspell words?

  39. MistahG (or anyone else who’s interested), I’d be happy to take you to the range some time, if you’re ever in my neck of the woods (Northwestern USA). I’ll provide gun, ammo, safety equipment, and basic safety/handling instruction.

    As for the pictures: poor safety, but nice tattoos.

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