For The Love Of Freckles!

I don’t have any details regarding this photo, so if anyone recognizes her let me know..

My girlfriend has freckles, you’re jealous. I’m hopefully having my freckles tattooed in a few weeks, I lost them when I was an Australian nipper.

42 thoughts on “For The Love Of Freckles!

  1. Oooh man. I love tattoos that are all color without any black lining. Its adorable.

  2. She and the tattoo are cute!

    Roo.. you are a posting king, my IAM expired and I get bored, so keep it up! xxx

  3. My Mom said she really missed seeing my freckles now that they’re covered with tattoos. I hadn’t given it any thought before then…

  4. i agree with #3, you are a posting king roo!
    i love coming on here with so much stuff to look at
    haha :D

  5. I agree with amber. I love freckles. I get them like that if I don’t wear sunscreen. But it looks a lot like the same tattoo I saw in a forum somewhere, they were going off about how it looks like crayon or something… I like it, it’s hers, it’s cute and fits with her. (as near as I can tell from how cute she is!)

  6. When I first saw this I thought it was scarification, but now I see its a tattoo. It looks really nice with no outlines!

  7. christine,thats a completely different tattoo,they just both have that marker,crayon look.

  8. it does look like she ripped her off. same placement, flowers and bird, colored markers..

  9. it’s clearly different in ways, but you can’t deny that if she hadn’t seen that first girl’s tattoo that she would have gotten that. i mean seriously.

  10. I’ve seen that tattoo before, but it doesn’t look like the same girl, and also not the same girl as #11 mentioned.
    It’s pretty, very modern.

  11. holy shit! that’s my best friend carleigh!
    and she didn’t rip that girl off, btw. she saw a lot of photos like that and her boyfriend drew it for her.

  12. and so what if they look the same?
    tons of people have skull and crossbones, anchors, four leaf clovers, pirate ships, etc.
    does that mean they ripped them?
    and they are CLEARLY different. different artists. they just have the same style.


  13. what a rip off. I’ve seen a girl who almost has the EXACT tattoo and has had it for a couple of years. Art pirates! Get your own ideas!

    Same style, placement, flowers, colors, bird. You should be ashamed and embaressed

  14. reaaaallly cute…both of ‘em, the freckles and the tat. Lovin this no-outline-style.

  15. I can see a connection between the two tattoos but they are far from being copies of eachother. I love the doodle looks, so sweet

  16. Oooh, this kind of stuff just reminds you that life shouldn’t be taken too seriously. Lovely stuff. I’ve been sketching coloured outline flowers for myself, I hope they last reasonably bright and sharp through the years.

  17. Im pretty sure that shes a friend of a friend, im gonna try and find out some more but i think shes called Tegan and lives near Brighton.

  18. actually xchristinex, it looks like the first girl you posted saying carleigh ripped off of actually ripped off from the teeshirt you then posted. Lightning bolts and everything. Neither look like hers in any other way than “hand-drawn colouring” style. Who cares anyway? It’s cute, it’s hers, and at least it’s not another boring butterfly or heart.

  19. copyed or not; i like her “version” the best compared to the t shirt&&that other girl [sorry]

  20. well i love to see that everyone is talking so much about my tattoo. I appreciate all the compliments! It was not copied like stephanie my best friend said. she was there when I brought the drawing in that my boyfriend drew. I wanted something cute and different. Like one of the comments said, your tattoo doesn’t have to have to much meaning to it and thats why I got it.

    So what some other girl has a tattoo similar? Almost any tattoo you get someone is going to have that same idea. I love it and that’s really what matters.

  21. i’m the one that drew this….. and NO she did not copy from anyone. and yes it’s hard to purposely make yourself draw like a 4 year old.

    at Christina, nice rip on originality when you have “X’s” totally infamous

    see the rainbow on the back?


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