26 thoughts on “Liberate Your Neck

  1. I am pretty sure that is an Earth Crisis tattoo.

    They were a vegan/straight edge/animal liberation hardcore band in the 90′s.

  2. i like the tattoo – is it done? it hink the font could look a little nicer.

  3. EXTREMELY creative ModBlog credit 😀
    I love looking at the entries to see where you guys added the credit… it makes me happy haha

    Very creative tattoo idea too.

  4. I’m always surprised at how many people don’t realized that neck throat tattoos look different in every single position your head is in, text is especially vulnerable to that. A slight tilt of my head distorts the lettering that is further affected by my rather large adam’s apple right above it. And also the lightness of the whole tattoo was intentional. I got this tattoo on my eighteenth birthday, and to protect me from myself, given my age, my artist suggested that we start out really light, greywash on the wrench logo and very light blue with the intention of darkening it as I saw fit. “You can always go darker, but if we start straight out with a really dark piece, you’re stuck with it.” It’s been a little frustrating but I appreciate him looking out. This is an older picture, I have since had the whole thing darkened.

  5. Haha, he has a good long neck for this tat.
    And I agree with Brittney- sweetest modblog credit ever!

  6. can you tell me the meaning of the tools? working class? coz i see a lot of tattoos with tools (especially SxE) and i was just wondering which meaning it held for you

    peace out, nice tat!

  7. It’s the Earth Crisis logo adapted from the Earth First! logo, a monkey wrench/stone hammer cross. I can assume ExC chose the monkey wrench to signify direct action and the cresent wrench in reference to their song ‘Forged in Flames’ which compares the straight edge life style to the forging of steel.

    “Forged in the flames of chaos
    Hammered by trials to tempered steel
    Convictions, tried and tested, onto a razor’s edge, that’s true and real
    Wrought between the hammer and the anvil, strengthened to never break
    The weakness that surrounds me is the evil that I forsake
    Never have I taken in vain the sacred vessel of my soul
    I am the master of my faith, my destiny I control
    Nobility lies in actions, corrections where once was wrong
    Ascension from evil with a heart that’s true and strong
    Through this veil of shadows, the light of truth is my only guide
    A knight unyielding
    To the X I’m crucified.”

    thanks for asking, most of the time people just ask me if it hurt or tell they don’t like it

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