The Three Lmigos

Live! Love! Laugh!

These three BFF’s visited Big Brain Productions and sealed the deal on their friendship. Another photo after the break (I especially like the giggling “Laugh” girl).

30 thoughts on “The Three Lmigos

    everytime I come on here… there’s more to read!

    :D :D
    you’re awesome

  2. Those look nice. I hope they stay that dark when they heal. I got an inner lip tattoo (twice) and the ink never lasted more than a week. I might try again but it could just fade away again costing me another 80$ leaving me with an even bigger smudge in my lip for my dentist to question me about. But I guess some peoples lips can hold ink and some peoples lips cant just depends on your luck.

  3. i’m not sure if i like the double monroe or not. it’s a WICKED cool idea, don’t get me wrong. i wanna see more pictures of them though!!

  4. Do you really think it’s a good idea to post a photo of (clearly underage) girls who’ve just gotten a tattoo?

  5. And it sickens me how ridiculously judgmental some people here seem to be.

    Like it or not, body mods are becoming more mainstream, and tattoos on girls like “that” will be more widespread.

  6. i’m sorry i have to agree with the others; maybe it’s just because “live laugh love” is something EVERY 13 year old girl has on her myspace.

  7. When I first looked at the photo, I thought it was “Live, laugh, come” and was SO excited by how funny and great that was.

    Maybe next time…

  8. These girls are young, however I don’t think they can be much younger than 16. Being just a bit older than that, and having a tattoo myself I think if you feel you’re ready for a tattoo, then that’s your decision; despite age. If it was the wrong choice, they’ve learned it in a permanent way (if the ink holds), and that’s no one’s business but their own. Catch up with the times, rebellion is in, so deal or keep to yourself.

  9. I honestly think these girls are plenty old. Honestly, I don’t even know how people can think they aren’t… Eh, maybe I’m just a bad judge of age! Wouldn’t be the first time :P

  10. They definitely do not like 13…17/18 maybe.
    Either way, I think these are cute.

  11. the giggling is SO cute i love how the photo captures the pure happiness she was feeling.

    i want some of that.

  12. That giggle ones is cute and it’s an awfully nice way to remember a friendship ^_^

  13. Hah. This is “Laugh” girl…We’re all OVER 18, and were over 18 when we got the tattoos.
    Also, for the record- Big Brain hasn’t, and will never, tattoo underage. They check and write down the driver’s license number of everyone that gets work done.

  14. This is me (the LOVE girl), my friend Ashleigh and Elise. We are totally of age. Elise and Ashleigh were both 18 and I was 19 at the time the tattoos and pictures. Maybe we look a little young because we’re not wearing makeup.. but I can assure you that we’re of age. These lip tattoos were not our first tattoos. We all have gotten tattoos and piercings at Big Brains before.

    Have a good night! C:

  15. that is amazin!!!!
    i wanna do that with my 2 best friends… but we still dont know what we’re goona get. this is just great!!

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