20 thoughts on “Pencil Face.

  1. not to be an asshole because stretched septums are so $$$$$$ but i’m getting a little worn out on people wearing random stuff in their stretched piercings.

  2. Very, very cool.
    Interestingly enough, I can do that having no septum piercing.
    But that’s what happens when you lose circulation in your nose… your septum just starts to go away.

  3. What i find odd,is that i can see no prior mods on this guy…quite suprising really as most people dont often go for this as thier first mod.
    Still though…it is bloody cute

  4. this picture should be on a billboard somewhere just to make random people feel happy when they look at it on their way to work.

  5. noob. why should it be a fake,cuz he only has a septum ?I only have a 7mm septum too. nothing else. neither does earring…bbahh…noob^_^

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