49 thoughts on “Fancy A Fling..

  1. yes plz.
    unfortunately I can’t get to his page to request it… maybe something’s still wrong with the link?

  2. I know brighter_hell, where is the click through on the good stuff!

    I really dig the floral black work. I’m working on figuring out what style of leaves I want to cast a shadow on my shoulder, but I really like the style of the leaves on his arms as well.

  3. i was completely expecting a click through. i don’t usually do all that hair but dayum! he is fiiine!

  4. Mmm. I’m jumping on the ‘where’s the click through?!’ bandwagon. He just looks tasty.

  5. Yes please. Hot, furry, tattooed guy = MAJOR eye candy. I’m even willing to overlook the fact that he’s probably young enough to be my son.

  6. Click through’s are all well and good, but I’m enjoying the mystery of this one!

  7. Sometimes I wonder if could actually hook up with a sleeved guy. I mena, I’d be loving it, but I think after a while they’d get sick of me just fawning over their arms and not paying attention to anything else 😀
    “But the ink is so pretty!”

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