11 thoughts on “Not A Wang..

  1. Thank you for doing that! I’ve always thought that their should be more guess what’s that aren’t genitals, just to throw everyone off even more!

  2. damn, whatever happened to its always a penis?

    cmon damnit, thats general rule of thumb here

  3. Haha! It took me a while to notice that his lips were together, but his tongue… haha, good times.

  4. That’s gotta be a first :P

    I read “Not A Wang” and said “pfft, as fuckin’ if!”

  5. i love how no matter how hard i try i cant concieve the anatomy of that photo lie i cant wrap my mind around “tounge…THROUGH lip”


  6. his eyebrow is so feminine, he is cute and his tongue is lickable…

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