8 thoughts on “Peek-a-Boobs!

  1. it looks like it is healed beautifully
    but for some reason all i want to do is scratch it…..
    it looks like it would be itchy or somthing

  2. I’ve always wanted a surface bar there, but I worry about my not-so-tiny funbags that are often smooshed under sports bras (in a job where it’s not unlikely that I might be kicked in the chest, but that’s where the girls serve as padding!) and athletic swimsuits affecting the healing process. Would microdermals be a more viable option, or would the same (presumed) problems with healing exist?

  3. queenofhearts- I’ve been wondering the same thing. Other than microdermals being easier to heal than surface piercings in general, I think that the cleavage/general squishing would still complicate things. I’d love to hear from anyone who’s healed one before (esp if they’re busty) cos I agree- it’s a very hot piercing! :)

  4. queenofhearts & Scarlet Thread- Well I’m a fencer(and a D cup) and was in full gear taking chest hits a week after getting my sternum piercing, same with my nipple piercings, with no problems. The only clear issue was that in the first month with it I had to wear a bra almost constantly or the weight of my breasts would put strain on the piercing.

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