Skinphony – 2008

This beautiful set of photos (snapped by Ara) came from this years Skinphony performance at White Mischief, Kings Cross, London. I had the pleasure of seeing them a while back and they were awesome!

Big thanks to Alice (the instrument pictured above) for sending them in! Loads more after the break..

15 thoughts on “Skinphony – 2008

  1. You know what? If it weren’t for the tattoos I would sooo not have recognised her!!

    Alice, I cannot believe how different you look with make-up!

    *is shocked*

  2. my dad was at this! he came back from overseas and was like check this out gabs, this looks like the kind of thing you’d be into.. ha ha

  3. did anyone else notice that she was a self harmer, her tattooes mask it really well.
    shes beautiful

  4. Together with my band Tough Love, I’m the curator of White Mischief and I feel compelled to say how brilliant Skinphony were. Not only was the performance spine-tingling and beautiful, but they were wonderful people, too (aaah!) Some of them will be coming to our next show on Saturday June 7 in London, but I suspect they will be very much in civvies and not performing. More pictures of Skinphony on the White Mischief site – we still have some tickets available for the next event.

  5. thanks for the nice comments!
    I’m pretty sure it wasn’t me that sent you those photos though, Roo.

    @10: I liked being bald but it was too cold

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