16 thoughts on “The Sand Man Cometh.

  1. 🙂

    This big dot, on his cheek, is really cool!

    (I think, I will become a sand man fan… 😉 (just because of his big black dot))
    (sorry 4 bad english)

  2. His stretched nostrils look really awsome and healthy too! Very nice pic!

  3. Nice to see his lobes and nostrils are healthy looking. Patience makes for perfect mods. His look great.

  4. What great mods, and he has the face to carry them off as well 🙂

    And I love the cheek dot as well (would love to get light pink cheek dots just like that after my skin heals up)

  5. I love the way that his nostril plugs, cheek tattoo and lobes echo each other! Normally I’m not a fan of very stretched nostrils, but his look awesome, and he’s really hot 🙂

  6. wowwww god, that the most beautful man that i see in my all life…
    and i go stay with him for ever… right?
    raldy you want to marry me??
    kisses 4you

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