My Left Hand..

“I did this to my left hand over a period of two years, and I’m not finished, yet. I won’t be happy with it until all the digits are completely gone. I love the look of ancient Roman and Greek statues with “missing” parts, they’re so beautiful!”

And mine, is even more so.

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89 thoughts on “My Left Hand..

  1. Wooowww

    thats not my tast but i am very impressed with the state of mind to get there.

  2. It makes me think of a rabbit!

    I can’t begin to understand what goes on in the mind of someone who would be so extreme as to remove their own fingers, it’s something I would never consider. Although it’s not my ‘thing’, it appears the person has done a very clean and neat job, with no problems in the healing. Well done for that.

  3. Wow, how photoshopped does that want to look! Impressive mind. I couldn’t imagine having that will power.

  4. I really like the look of his hand now. I wonder if he is going to take off more of the thumb or leave it as it is now.

  5. Intense stuff!
    Looks like it’s been scanned in, hah. That’s an interesting mental image.

  6. i really like it, tho i myself would never do such an extreme thing, i love my little fingers too much and all the places they go.
    i agree with #1 with the state of mind to get there.

  7. I’m kinda sick of people thinking that their “State of mind” Should be something to think about with what they want in life and out of it. It should be because that’s a good way to get your own opinion on something, but it should be used with your common sense. Some people don’t use their common sense when they’re trying to find or use their “State of mind”. This is why I stay away from people who are always using their “state of mind” to do stupid shit. Because one day I know I’ll be in my room asleep having a kick arse dream while some dude that thinks it’s a good idea to decapitate me in his “state of mind”.
    Some people, like the guy above must miss the fact that it’s 2008 and not having fingers for the rest of your life is a big fucking deal. Good luck driving a stick shift or a motorbike you arse hat.
    It’s obvious that his done it for attention by show ponying it over BME where it’s accepted and thought of as “cool” but I’ve come to the conclusion just of now that, it’s not as cool as I thought it once was.
    I love body modifications! I seriously do!


    If you’ve got something against what I just said, express that here, because I’m cheap and don’t have an account on BME.

  8. #7 would love more detail on where and what happens with your little fingers& may b a short little vidio on that …….this picture is shit quality ide like to c better quality ones

  9. i dont really agree with this sort of moding. i had to fight to save my left hand and theres people out there wanting to remove, basicly the whole thing

  10. Much props. Ha, so many people saying “not my type of thing”. I like it, and personally would leave only what you have left of the index finger. Just curious too, do you have any other amputations, piercings, etc? I’m always intrigued how many people who remove body parts only do just that. Anyways, how have you slowly been removing? It seems like you’ve been doing it in increments?

  11. Even though I may not want to do this to my body, I definitely respect the motives and inspirations behind this kind of extensive modification, and the dedication it must take to preform and heal from such a procedure. I love the idea that while some people may not agree with, or even abhor and be disgusted with the fact that people feel that this is what they would like to do, people who truly believe in their heart of hearts that removing a limb or any other extreme mod is what they would like to do to become closer to the self they have always wanted will do it regardless. It is important to me to have a good sense of self and balance in your life, and if doing this; or any other modification for that matter; helps, then I say, go for it and let me see the resulting pictures!

  12. I couldn’t agree with him more about old statues, they do have they’re own beauty (I also have a soft spot for old abandoned/derilict buildings).

    Lovin’ all the posts Roo!!! <3

  13. Looks like a poorly shooped image to me. If it’s real, then it’s nasty to say the very least.

  14. I don’t know why there’s always someone putting this on the level of “there are people who lose their hand and others want to take it off it’s disrespectful”. This person having their hand or not isn’t gonna change anything to anyone else losing theirs intentionnally. I mean, it sees to me like a very strange way to see this… Just pondering…

  15. maya: I’m pretty sure cutting off your fingers counts as modifying your body.

  16. Wow, somehow disgusting. As a guitar player, cut-off fingers are horror for me. Anyway, interesting to look at.

  17. learthquake – ditto. It’s not as if he’s trying to cut anyone else’s fingers off.

    Anyway, kudos to him for the good work. :)

  18. learthquake: Exactly! I don’t like the way the two situations are compared either. Someone getting in some horrific accident and getting theirs ripped off isn’t going to be made any better if Joe Shmoe down the street takes a guillotine to his own hand.

    I think that they did a great job with the amputations. Doesn’t look all hacked and mangled or anything. More power to those with the guts to do what they think is right in their lives!

  19. Or at least to their bodies…not saying you should go out and murder someone because you think it’s right. XD

  20. I love the inspiration for this! Reminds me of the quote “life is art without limitations”.

  21. #14:
    Just because you had to struggle to “save” your hand, doesn’t mean you have the right to say that no one should be allowed to modify theirs. That’s like saying that if you dye your hair blonde because it is naturally brown, that blondes who dye their hair brown are disrespecting their bodies. Everyone has different views at what is aesthetically pleasing and they have the right to pursue these things whether you agree or not.

  22. when i think of body modification the first thing that comes to mind is that it makes something more aesthetically pleasing to the owner, its how the owner of the modification idealizes and visualizes themselves.

    after aesthetics i think of increased functionality. like a split tongue can do more than a normal tongue and has the added benefit of a new aesthetic.

    2 hands just seems so very integral to me. i’d understand someone chopping their cock off before a hand or all of its fingers.

    i realize this person is achieving the aesthetic they have in mind and thus think they are entitled to do as they wish. and because of the subjective nature of art and body modification i think this guy is a fucking moron and his art sucks.

  23. could we perhaps drop the “state of mind” and “the argument of aesthetics” for a moment and be realistic? What does remain is the fact of the matter that yes, there is a line between making the body one’s own and mutilating it. Sure, as a conscious being he has the right to do what he wants, but what a waste. and that picture does look fake as hell.

  24. He wants to remove *all* of them? Wow, that’s a certain amount of limitation. :/ Very smooth fixes, though. The surgeons did a good job.

  25. The picture looks completely real to me; it appears he put his hand in a scanner to take it. I think when it comes to amputation, it’s important to remember that it’s not a decision people take lightly. It’s a major procedure which presumably incurs significant pain, and it’s one that most people who are voluntary amputees do themselves. That’s a huge level of dedication to achieving the body you want, and if someone is prepared to go through that I don’t really think it’s anyone else’s place to tell them they shouldn’t. I certainly don’t see how it’s offensive to people who have lost parts of their body due to injury or illness; it’s just not comparable.

  26. I use my hands to make a living (as an artist) so I would freak out if I lost even my little finger. I get that people have different ideas for their bodies, but this is one “modification” that I can’t grasp at all.

  27. That looks bloody excellent. I eeked at ‘left hand’ but that was before I remembered not everybody is left handed.
    Wonderful stuff.

  28. don’t quite understand the “beauty” in this self-infliction but whatever floats your boat

  29. Noooo, don’t take any more fingers off. You won’t be able to do important stuff, like victory salutes or flicking someone the V’s if they don’t like your ampy hand!

  30. I think it’s time to reexamine the notion of major amputation as a so-called “body modification.”

  31. I don’t understand the strong negative responses in here. It certainly doesn’t affect me what he does to his hand and if makes him happier isn’t that a good thing?

  32. I’ll never quite understand why people come onto this website to complain and say a modification is ugly. I’ve always know this site to be one where we’re all accepting, and try to understand others, since the outside world doesn’t try at all. I agree with the little disclaimer, if you just want to prove that you can the meanest thing about something you don’t understand, go somewhere else. All these people saying that this sucks and is ugly need to re-think commenting.

  33. I’m really not a fan of amputation but I really do like his explanation, I’ve never quite looked at it that way before

  34. not my thing but kudos – whatever makes a person happy.

    the only question i’d have about it, is how would they cope with every day life… untill recently i didnt realise how much you needed both hands for (im in a cast and so can’t use my hand properly) so i’d wonder how having no digits would affect them.

  35. I’m not a fan of these mods in general…

    But this one reminds me of the teenage mutants ninja turtles hands… So therefore, it is awesome.

  36. I think amputation is fine. In fact doctors should be willing to do it for people safely. It should be legal. That way is someone wants their arm cut off the doctor can do it safely and then donate the arm to someone who lost their arm in an accident. Eunichs should also donate their genitals to transgender people. Whats a great idea for this world! People can get safe amputations and then donate their limbs to people that need it! Woot!

  37. i am a big fan of bme and dont get me wrong…
    but what do people like this guy do for living? how hard is it to deal daily life with this kind of “modification”

  38. i find this fascinating.
    it is a mod but whilst this person has clearly done this so that their mind is affected positively, i wonder how this actually affects daily life as it would i suppose technically be classed as a physical disability. and lets face it theres a lot of difference between stretching your ears, scarring your skin, being implanted or suspended and cutting off your fingers.
    heavily modded people do suffer stigmatisation and prejudice, as do people with disabilities… so i wonder how other people may react to this kind of thing. N.B: no, i’m not saying people should live for others approval… i’m a sociologist! merely pondering. :)
    tres intrigued!

  39. what part of body modification dont you understand.and most people have some major form of work done such as braces, the removing of the foreskin.and they were done with out the consent by the person having it done to. we should have the rite to amputate,or change any part of our body as we seem fit to,with the help of professionals,fuck on a whim we can go get a new nose,breast,,and butt implants. without ?ing them,but its wrong if we want to remove a finger,arm,leg,or penis.and then they ? our mind,as if we are not of sane mind.every one has his our her own taste of what they like and dislikes.

  40. #9: if you honestly believe that someone would remove their own limbs purely for the sake of attention, then you are a very naive person.
    And did somebody up there call this an “infliction”??
    There is nothing more insulting than bad-mouthing someone else’s mod, especially one as permanent and noticable as this. I’ve never understood amputation and don’t think I ever will, but this utter bullshit of you lot sitting around and saying how stupid it is genuinely pisses me off. It’s downright uncessary.
    What matters is that this person feels more complete and whole like this, and that is what makes a modification. Mutilation? Maybe to you, but some of us know that truely beautiful modifications go well beyond aesthethics.

  41. I love BME, and I love that this person is accepted by so many (including myself) as beautiful and free to make their own decisions.

    I’m fucking disgusted, however, at the amount of ignorance I see in these comments. Self-amputation is no more extreme than cutting off a ton of your own skin, branding yourself, shoving needles through your body, or scarring it with ink. My parents hate all body modifications, but I think they’re beautiful. This person obviously had his own motives for doing so and should NOT be so widely accosted by a community of what I’m sure he regards to be as peers.

    I thought the point of BME was to BE a community, of people struggling to be accepted in a world that doesn’t understand our motives.

    Kudos sir. Carry on.

  42. I think it’s important to remember that amputation is not the only mod that limits what you can do. Above, people have mentioned that this modification will impair the bearer in certain activities, but some piercings do the same – and some tattoos, for much shorter time frames. I know girls who have been putting off getting tattoos for years because they want their feet tattooed, and it means they can’t go to work because they won’t be able to wear the proper footwear for a while. I personally want to have subdermal collarbone piercings, but also love backpacking – two things that right now aren’t compatible, I wouldn’t undertake the risk if there was a chance that my hobby would make it dangerous.

    Amputations require dedication. This level of dedication is a passion to some, and disgusting to others. I think that Modblog readers need to respect that difference.

  43. It looks so smooth. And that’s a lot of work done and healed in two years. Honestly, I like it at the stage it is now as compared to no digits. Stumps and such look “generic” (lack of a better word, sorry). At this point it looks crafted much like a work of art.

  44. 54. amputation should be legal?! why… so you go back to the doctor in a few years claiming insanity and sue them for all they are worth. good one.

  45. ummm, i don’t mean to be negative, but doesn’t this seem like a slightly more close minded crowd than when shannon was around? i’m just an innocent bystander making an observation.

  46. I love seeing amputation mods. There’s something very sincere and honest about them. I can’t imagine the human duality that voluntary amputees must feel – the desire for their body to feel “right,” versus the oppression for society of what is “right.”

    And on that note, I am really shocked by many of these comments. Who are any of you to determine what is right or wrong for someone else to do to their own body? Why is this entry filled with so many closed minds in such a community where open-mindedness is embraced? Someone earlier in the comment stated that amputations shouldn’t be considered a modification. What are they, in that case? Amputations are permanent. Modifications like many piercings can be removed. Amputations tend to signify a modification of body and spirit.

    I think his hand is just beautiful. None of you have to share this sentiment. But none of you have the right to throw stones.

  47. 65: KAT: Not really, amputation always got a lot of negative backlash. The main cause there own fear of them or their loved ones doing something like that.
    This is the first time I’ve seen someone say something about liking the aesthetics of it rather then feeling incomplete while they still had limbs. I see stuff like this as really no more inhibiting then changing genders.

  48. I love all the people living in fantasyland. All the sob sisters boo-hooing about “oh, you’ll feel so limited” and “you’ll regret not being able to do things”. I cut off my leg years ago and it’s the best thing that ever happened to me.

    Here’s a challenge to all the now-it-alls who think they can judge amp mods–find one person who has amputated an appendage and regrets it. Then come back with your shit. Until then, STFU. It’s one thing to ask why we do it. It’s another to start condemning something you know jack shit about. All the voluntary amps I know (and I have known, or know of, several dozen) are very happy with their stumps and their only regret is that they couldn’t do it sooner or couldn’t get it done safely and easily.

    Besides, nobody forced you to look at this or click through and comment.

  49. looks quite cool i guess. But I thinks a bit of a waste of time how can you half of the things correctly like drive a car, type etc ? does it not just make your life harder ?

  50. I think this is great, and what BME embodies. This is my life, and i want to look and feel a certain way, and this is the way its gonna be, regardless of what people think and even if it could potentially suck to deal with. These are our bodies, each with our own vision and ideal of how they should be. Amazing.

  51. If people want to deliberately chop bit off themselves then that’s fine, as long as I don’t have to finance their disability benefits. I already lose 1/3 of my wages to scrounging dolescum.

  52. where does the realm of modification end the start of mutilation begin. =/

  53. wow. amputation is sly till the one thing that totally creeps me out. in a good way.

  54. wow. amputation is still the one thing that totally creeps me out. in a good way.

  55. It looks like someone took a picture of their hand and then went heavy on the black airbrush,blur and burn tools.
    I’m not really a fan of this and consider it more mutilation than it is modification, but that’s my perspective.
    I know people look at my 1-7/8″ earlobes and 5/8″ conches and consider that to be self mutilation and wonder what frame of mind I have to be in to want to do that to myself.
    He must be happy with the change, enough to want to share it with people and all the more to him.

  56. #14 – I can understand not liking it or understanding it if you’ve had to fight to keep your hand.
    #34 – I don’t think #14 was saying people shouldn’t be able to do it, just that their perspective is a little different and that they can’t undertand why someone would CHOSE this.

    Me personally I think everyone has the right to do whatever the hell they want, but as a piercer the thought of not having fingers scares me. I would be so afraid of losing the function.

    I think #69 response is great, and unless it’s actually OUR hand how would we know if her regrets it? I personally don’t know any voluntary amputees so until I do I will trust that this person thought it through, otherwise, I really shouldn’t CARE if he regrets it. I don’t know him, it doesn’t affect me, and if it makes him happy, then great.

  57. I don’t understand it, but I don’t have a problem with it either — other than what #72 mentioned. As long as you’re not turning around and filing for worker’s comp and/or disability, chop of whatever you want. (No applying for handicapped stickers/plates either.)

  58. I feel the same as #28. I am hard of hearing, sign language is my life, and I can’t imagine doing this. But hey, if it makes you happy…

  59. I may be wrong here, so no offense intended but im pretty convinced that this is a photomanip. As a photomanip artist working in photoshop the past 7 years editing and manipulating photos (quite often in this style) i am pretty convinced by what i see here to be nothing more then some photoshop skills. I can see many errors in it being real, cloned textures, burning etc blah blah. or however it could be real and scanned as a posed to photographed. just a thought

  60. I may be wrong here, so no offense intended but im pretty convinced that this is a photomanip. As a photomanip artist working in photoshop the past 7 years editing and manipulating photos (quite often in this style) i am pretty convinced by what i see here to be nothing more then some photoshop skills. I can see many errors in it being real, cloned textures, burning etc blah blah. or however it could be real and scanned as a posed to photographed. just a thought

  61. I really think it looks adorable the way it is. I like to think of the remaining digits as a couple of friends :]

  62. Way to go, and please, don’t bother with the negative bullshit, after all it is your body and you only live once. BRAVO, and by the way, you do have courage and discipline.

  63. This is not a mod – it is amputation. For those “psychology-type” people out there, self-amputation is classified under a severe mental illness. Not to put you down, bro! Just pointing out that you may need some help (whether you think so or not).

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