29 thoughts on “Croatian Corsetry..

  1. Does anyone know where this studio is (asides from Croatia)? I would like to visit them, but I can’t find a website about them.


  2. Cinnamoon: They’re in Rijeka. No website that I know of. Since I don’t know if posting address details publicly here is OK, check your IMs.

  3. oh very lovely
    the corset looks nice
    i also like the bracelet too
    where cud i get my hands on 1

  4. Great photo.

    Everyone tells me i look Croatian, but i’m not, what does a Croatian even look like anyway?

  5. Bracelet =]
    Is that an actual cbr, or just a bracelet which looks like it?

  6. Lijepo je vidjeti i nas Hrvate ovdje! Picture is very beautiful and the corset is very nice.

  7. #2 Its a technique on Photoshop called colour spotting or something of that sort, I dont know how to do it or if its defo called that, but maybe you can google it =]

    Also I really like that CBB braclet +1 on more info on it =]

  8. Yea anyone got info on that braclett? Way to represent even without a hole. Id rock one on both wrists….if someone can get some info on those and post it that would be great:)

  9. Lovely picture, lovely bracelet!

    Anyone who knows where you can order these?

  10. wait so those kinds of piercings are like always temporary, right? but how long can they stay in? i would flip if i saw a girl walking down the street like that, but how come i never do? it would be so hot

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