Oooh, Buck ‘o Five

Kyle sent in the following..

Let me start off by saying that my parents are as about conservative as they come! They voted for Reagan, and both of the Bushes. Because of that I’m not particularly modded, which sucks. I see myself as ‘not me’ because of it. I’ve pierced my ears about three times, my lip twice and just recently my septum. Each time my dad has found out (I wore my septum flipped up, but it fell back down during dinner) he almost ripped ripped them out. I felt that scarification was the only way I could permanently mark myself before I get out of this house in a year. This is just a small self done braille scar. It says "free." kind of an oxymoron because I’m not! I thought it would be raised, but i don't think I cut deep enough (even though biiiig chunks of flesh came out). I ended up telling them that I hit it on some screws during stage crew, which I am part of (I got some pretty gnarly natural scars from that, anyhow).

I think in a month or so I’m going to brand it. Maybe it will raise up.

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  1. When i had my septum pierced i had a bar retainer in. No chance of that flipping down!

  2. try to use my special mix vaseline/lemonjuice/sugar. open the wound every day for a week, rub the mix in and cover it with foil till you repeat this the next day. it made my scar raise pretty thick for a white girl ;)

  3. ive a large scarification project in progress i aggitated mine twice a day with a massarge sponge and covered it wit a sanitery towel for 2 weeks. its 6 weeks down the line and looks amazing … i love the simpleness of this one tho and the meaning with it looks awesum !!!

    (yess i know i cant spell)

  4. I definitely sympathise with your cause! I assure you it gets better as soon as you’ve moved out and when you go back to visit you end up wondering how you ever lived with it for so long!

  5. A friend of mine has a braille tattoo, done with brown ink so that it appears to be very coincidentally (completely unnatural, obviously!) freckles.

    The relevant part, she had the tattoo artist really irritate the dots also, so that they are very slightly raised. It’s still one of my favorite tattoos ever.

    What did you cut these with?

  6. I agree in that it’s not measured out well enough, the letters flow into each other rather than being 4 separate letters. The circles are pretty round though, how did you do it?

  7. Hey Kyle, don’t let your parents burn you on all Republicans forever. Both of my parents voted the way yours did, but they’re really supportive of my mods and my mom is even looking in to being a medical marijuana grower (how Republican). And on the flip side, just because someone is a Democrat doesn’t mean they’re tolerant. My friend’s “liberal” mother hates piercings so much, any time her kids came home with one she ripped it out of their skin. It just goes to show that you can’t judge a book by its voting record.

  8. My husband and I are republicans and wouldn’t be oppossed to our son getting mods (he’s only 5 months now so he has some time!). So we’re not all bad. =)

  9. I am in the same boat.

    My parents are Mormon, conservative, republicans.

  10. What mods do you and your husband have, Courtney? I collect modded republicans! My Boyfriend is one! :D

    I love this simple little scar. I’m not a big fan of “I’m lashing out against mommy and daddy” mods but I understand their place. Modification wouldn’t be where it is today with out them.

  11. “I see myself as ‘not me’ because of it.” Wow, you have no idea how much i agree with you and how that’s exactly how i feel. I love the scar, by the way. Simple and meaningful.

  12. I feel your pain. My parents didn’t speak to me for over half a year after they saw my scars.

  13. I used to be in the same boat. My dad was very very strict. I wasn’t allowed to go out with friends, let alone have a tattoo or piercing.

    He died when I was 20, and my mom always says that he died so that my brother and I could blossom into who we really are. Now I’m heavily modified and feel more comfortable in my own skin then I have my entire life.

  14. I can symphathize with the parents disagreeing. My parents tell me I’m not allowed “excessive body piercings” while i’m living in their house. Good thing I’m 18 and can get easily hideable mods though =)

  15. There comes a point when your parents become more like your friends than dictators or competitors. My mom hates my septum ring (my only piercing) so out of respect for her I don’t wear it when I see her. It might take lots of work, but a middle ground will come.

  16. I love the concept behind this :). It’s great that you can have something for now that makes you feel more like you.

  17. Both my Parents are Militeristic Republicans but my mom supports all piercings.

  18. I had the exact same problem in high school to the point where my mother had my ears professionally edited out of my senior pictures. I still cherish the stick and poke tattoo I gave myself for my fifteenth birthday. Things are going to get better for you– people change, children move out, and years down the road your family will likely realize that there are bigger problems in the world than whether or not their beloved child has a ring in his nose.

    Find other ways to feel ‘like you’ for the time being and when the time is right, everything will come together for you. Best of luck!

  19. I absolutely adore the concept of this. I, too, have some scars on my calf that I constantly have to hide from my own conservative parents(not being able to wear shorts in the hot Texas sun – ouch!). I hope these eventually do raise up for you!

  20. I feel really sorry for you dude…My Mum is really open when it comes to mods. I’m only 17 and even if she doesn’t totally agree with what I want, as long as I pay for it she’ll sign for it. So far she’s let me get my tongue, eyebrow and even let me get a tattoo (which is my sister’s hand print, she’s currently 1yr). It sucks when people can’t be open to others likes and dislikes. Just remember one thing: KARMA. You might not know how or when, but karma always has a way of getting back at people. Just like your suffering now, you will one day truly be free, and not have to worry about the oppressive habits of others.

  21. I’m totally in love with this, really, gorgeous and love the idea. The ONLY thing is that the first e is a bit too close to the r. For a DIY job I must say he did really well though.

  22. thanks everyone!

    little note, i kinda fucked up the R. it turned into an L. so i had to make the upper dot a dot for the E.

    thanks to everyone who said they liked this.

  23. Hmmm… I don’t know if it necessarily gets better once you move out, because you’ll go stock-mad crazy and get all your mods and then be terrified to go back home for a visit… at least that’s what happened to me. And yeah, my mom flipped out and wouldn’t speak to me for months.

    Now I’m living at home again (to help me get out of debt) and things are better now tho, to an extent. I still get told how horrible I am when I come home with a tattoo or piercing, but now they’re realized I don’t give a damn what they think…

  24. I’ve been out of home for 7 years and my Mum still has a go at me. She hates tattoos and thinks for some bizarre reason having a tattoo makes someone a slut *sigh* so I have to listen to her whinge but after having it for a year she’s become more comfortable with it and has even spoken to me about my artist, it’s a big step for her not to make a face everytime she sees it.

    I think parents and people in general have to realise mods don’t change who we are they just mean we’re decorated nicely =)

    It’s a great concept and looks good, hopefully you can get it to raise up a bit.

  25. I could be slightly braindead but I’ve been trying for the past half hour to figure out what part of yer body that is ahhaha.

  26. really? it looks like an ankle to me >.<
    anyway, i think this is really awesome!
    i just had my septum pierced and i wear it flipped up when i am in certain company, just a kind of “respect” thing i guess

  27. I never understand these stupid conservatives. The Bible, a book I’m sure they’d ban if they ever actually read it, is all about body modification,… *cutting & pasting from our FAQ*

    Nose rings were used as engagement pieces, to the extent that when God himself is speaking allegorically of her chosen people, He mentions betrothing her with this piercing,…. “I adorned you with jewelry: I put bracelets on your arms & a necklace on your neck, & I put a ring on your nose, earrings on your ears & a beautiful crown on your head.” Ezekiel 16:11-12 (also in Genesis 24:22, Genesis 24:30, Genesis 24:47, Genesis 35:4, & Exodus 32:2-3). Piercings & all manner of body arts were used in the most sacred of the rituals, marriage, which was instituted by God as an earthly analogy of what it would be like to commune with him in Heaven.

    In fact, I would venture forward to say that God himself is adorned with markings not dissimilar to tattoos,… although don’t ask me who is artist is,… “See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands.” Isaac 49:22. And like Father like Son, let’s not forget the physical description given to a resurrected Jesus,… “On His robe & on his thigh he has the name written: KING OF KINGS & LORD OF LORDS.” Revelation 19:16. I can take it to a further extreme, & say that when Jesus rose from the dead, his wounds were not healed, He still bore them,… His hands, feet, side & scalp were all pierced, & were still there, as we can see when Thomas doubts the whole thing & demands to put his fingers in the piercings. “Unless I see the nail marks in his hands & put my finger where the nails were, & put my hand into His side, I will not believe it.” John 20:25. Those piercings were the most significant act in all of human history, changing everything about society as we know it for millennia.

    We must keep in mind the Bible’s perspective on flesh, it’s flesh that we try to separate whenever fasting is spoken of, it’s flesh that dies off & is laid back to the dust, & it’s the flesh that we are asked to crucify every day. Keep these last two passages in mind whenever some mindless right wing Pat Robertson drone is blathering on parroting some mindless garbage out of context about your body adornment or attire:

    “The Lord does not look at the things man looks at. Man looks at the outer appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.” 1 Samuel 16:7

    “Stop judging by mere appearances, & make a right judgment.” Jesus Christ, John 7:21

  28. My parents won’t let me get anything peirced or tattood. Only a few more months then I will be free. I sympathize with you.

  29. I feel for you there, the only thing I have currently is things on my ears. Aside from money, my parents are a huge fear for me as far as getting other things done, because I know from things in the past how they’d react. That said, I’m planning a tattoo in the very near future that’s on my side…not terribly large, but large enough, but it’s something quite meaningful to me and something I feel that I need to have, so it’ll be easy to hide for now (not really a crop top/bikini gal anyway) and, should they ever find out, I guess I’ll have to have a go at explaining my reasoning behind it. I just moved back into my parents’ house, so we shall see!

  30. Sometimes if the conviction is strong enough you just have to go for it. I can’t imagine your parents would feel any different about you once the initial shock wears off. But in todays age, what is shocking, really?

  31. I love it, looks great!

    I always feel so much more fortunate when I know how accepting my parents are. Last year I spent a year overseas as an exchange student (teriary level) and it was a big year for me. I had decided from the time I went to Japan that I was gonna get a tattoo to remind me of the time spent there. I never told my parents or relatives and very few mates. Not because I thought they’d be pissed about it, but more because I wanted it to be MY thing, my little selfish delight.

    But I got back home, first things decided to fess up to my mum, but she already had an inkling I’d gotten one and just asked where was it and what. I love my parents and how accepting they are. I sometimes wonder if a lot of young kids get some of their mods (normally the ones that later are regretted) because they’re trying to piss their parents off. I have wanted to get a tattoo since I was a kid, and my parents never said “NO you CANT” so I never felt in a rush to get it done, just found something I wanted that had a meaning to me and thne decided on a place to get it, and in the end waited 9 months till I actually got it.

    Hope it all works out dude and that your parents accept you for it once its done.

  32. I love the idea and execution of this scar. I do wonder though how they even noticed it as it appears to be on your inner ankle. Do they fully check you ever day or something to make sure you haven’t had any work done? :D Actually, why am I joking, that’s kind of what my folks where like after they saw my first piercings lol

  33. Can also relate to the parents issue..
    when i came home with my lip pierced my parents lost it, they yelled at me for a few days, asked ‘where did i go wrong’, trying to make me feel guilty.
    also got angry when they noticed my tragus piercing after i successfully hid it for a year without them noticing.
    so theyve said ‘no more’ and ive stuck with that out of respect, but its hard.

  34. Hey Kyle what did you use to cut it? The circles are pretty neat. The branding isnt a bad idea, although with something that close, the wounds would probably end up merging. i have a triangle formation on my left arm, next to the crook of my elbow. one of the first little mods i did when i was about 15. i heated up the head of a nail on the gas stove with a pencil taped to it so my fingers didnt burn haha. i held it in each place for about 2 seconds and pressed pretty hard, i spaced them about 4mm apart, and 2 of the dots merged a little. they are still very raised though.

  35. “I think parents and people in general have to realise mods don’t change who we are they just mean we’re decorated nicely =)”

    so true [bubblez]! though thinking that way i kinda feel like a christmas tree. . . LOL. the thought behind the scarification is what matters most, what we see, and say are just a bit of commentary on something that is a part of kyle now.

    thought i must say i like it.

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