21 thoughts on “Mouse Balls?

  1. 1. What the hell?

    2. Does that count as body modificaton?

    First guess was two hairy nipples :S If Shannon was still here I’d say penis regardless 😛 These new, less penis-like guess whats are kinda challenging!

  2. haha the funny thing is my pet mouses’s nads do look a little similar 😛


  3. I got it! I got it!!

    But that’s only because I took the photo. 😉

    was pretty damned awesome to watch, I must say!

  4. oh and twiggy was dead on- very large-gauge navel stretched…well, too far, almost split (there was a small band of tissue holding those 2 pieces together) and subsequently removed. iam:russfoxx fixed it up, you can see the rest of the photos – the slicing & removed bits, stitching, etc, on his page. He really did a beautiful job on it. Yay Russ!

  5. I fully missed the bottom text for a second, totally thought it was an anus with implants, you know, for his pleasure. =P

  6. oh that is Jonn’s belly, (aka thenothing who has been on here before for those that dont know him)
    I never realised he had such a hairy belly, and iv seen it in person lol

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