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  1. With just the front page, I thought it was about amputation :$ But yey the microdermal looks good!

  2. Remember how people used to get tongue studs to enhance fellatio? I’m just sayin…

  3. I also thought that it was about amputation, didn’t even notice the microdermal until i clicked through 😛

  4. Damn yo, what a silly post. Microdermal. Yeah, cool, thats great. But what’s up with all those rings? Another post all about the fashion. Long live the scene.

  5. Mm I’d like one of those, just so that certain people would get all disgusted at me when they realised it was actually stuck through my flesh. I love extreme reactions to tiny things. But it’d look stupid on my fat little fingers.

  6. What’s wrong with the nails? Honestly. 🙂

    Nice microdermal. I can’t stand rings, this might be a nice substitute.

  7. i’m not really a big fan of this post. there’s something about those pictures that just gross me right out. the mod itself it beautiful, but the image/quality itself just doesn’t make me squeal with glee or anything. i don’t mean to be negative, i’m just usually only full of good things to say about most posts. this one mkes me feel yucky. i wish i could explain why a little better. i think if this WAS somehow amputation-related, it would have grossed me out LESS. idk. i’m going to shut up now.

  8. Could have sworn this site was about body mods?
    Stop bitching about someones bloody finger nails

  9. I agree with Nicky. seriously, people…what is wrong with these pictures? so the fingernails are a little rough…sometimes people have excuses! i’m a sculpture major who spends all day playing with hammers and rocks…you should see my fingernails! i think these are great pictures. i think that the microdermal looks very nice. what are the chances of rejection in a location like that?

  10. This is a great idea, and looks good, too. Maybe my husband and I could replace our wedding rings,hmmmmm?

  11. I agree that the nails don’t look the greatest, but the post is not about them.

  12. well hand and nails look a LOT nicer than some of the feet that we’ve seen!! You should see my hands, I work for a living and my hands show it. Just cause ya’ll work in an office on a computer and have pussy hands doesn’t mean you should hate on people who actually labor.

    I like the location and placement on that. I too am curious as to the rejection chances are.

  13. I had the same idea yesterday when I was in the piercing shop looking at the shiny pretty microdermal attachmenty things.

    Would look daft on me though.

  14. snakelady1956-I thought the same thing. Should I ever get married, I’d love something like this rather than a traditional ring. And are you serious? Of all the things on here that are by normal standards ‘gross’ or ‘disgusting’ people are bitching about someone’s fingernails? Crazy. Her nails are fine.

  15. It can’t be a very permanent piercing with movement and having to use your hands for anything at all. How about when you lock yourself out one wintery night after a few pints and try putting your hand through the letterbox to release the catch on the door but find your arm is just that little bit too short – you curse your stubby arms a little too energetically and stumble back off the step and rrrrip ouch there goes your lovely wedding jewel and half your finger flesh. And you’re still locked out. And you wouldn’t be able to stick your finger in bottle tops and get it stuck. But it does look nice.

  16. Dude, this girl is a nurse! She knows how to take care of her shit.
    Also, I think this is a reflection on a different type of finger bling, an alternative to circular rings.

  17. Um wow. haha okay didn’t expect to see THAT here.

    Here’s the thing: I’m a nurse, so I wash my hands so often that yeah, they look dry and not that great. Since I use purrell alot as well, nailpolish just doesn’t last long. My nails are clean.. its just nailpolish chipping off.

    It’s healing great so far, I’ve had zero issues with it and the whole thing about that was that we’re not supposed to wear rings at the hospital as the little crevaces can harbor bacteria. Once this wound is healed, it’ll be less likely to cause issues.

    To those of you who are bitching about my hands – wash your hands in soap and hot water every five minutes for a few days, and you won’t have the best hands either.

    I didn’t send these photos in with the idea they would be posted here. Had I known..lol well maybe I would have tried to remove the rest of the polish.

    Big props to Matt for doing a bang-up job!

  18. Oh, also, in the second picture on my first finger, I have about half a nail missing from having contracted a hospital-bourne super-infection called MRSA. The damned nail is stubborn and won’t grow.

    I have successfully healed a finger PIERCING in the past, so I was not worried about this one. I have a fully healed microdermal on my arm as well, and had no issues. My body hates surface piercings, they always have rejected on me, and so far the microdermals are wonderful alternatives.

    Yep, I have caught it a few times on a few things, BUT, I learnt quickly. 🙂

  19. This is a body mod site… we can all handle amputations and chopped up genitals, but we get freaked out over chipped nail polish? Come on.

    The micro-dermal looks awesome! More solid work from Matt Cottrell.

  20. when the person flips the finger to soem one there goin to give thema blingy-f-u to anyone lol

  21. I have thought about doing this on my left ring finger — my fingers swell and shrink so drastically I have a really annoying tendency to lose my wedding ring. Unfortunately, the conditions at my job won’t allow me to have it (I’m the boss, so that’s not the issue – I really don’t want that getting caught in a press.)

  22. Hehe, reminds me of the rings Barbie wears ^_^

    *sigh* Ignore all the haters Roo =P You’re doing great as far as I’m concerned. It doesn’t matter who replaces Shannon, some people seem to just lash out simply because it’s not Shannon =/

  23. NAILS!!!??? NAILS and FINGERS?!?!?!!!
    I’ve seen faces that are much worse then those nails and fingers!! Some people shouldn’t put their face up for everyone to see! And you guys are complaining about a little crooked nail!! That’s nothing compared to some of the faces up there!!!

    P.S. Piercing is cute!

  24. I’m a nurse as well, and I know EXACTLY what Courtney is saying. Washing your hands every few minutes saps the moisture from them, reguardless of how “gentle” the soap my be. Not to mention the on-and-off of the latex (or non) gloves. Its killer.
    It looks nice, and I’m glad its healing well!! Ignore the people bitching about your hands, maybe they’d prefer some acrylics with countless bacteria under them! Hey, at least they’d look nice! haha jk

  25. Thanks Catsey! It’s nice to know that SOME people understand.

    I guess the big thing here that my hands and nails look shitty, but that’s just one of the many inconviences that being a nurse provides. Maybe before reacting negatively to my hands, people should instead recognise them as hands that help people.

    .. I didn’t mean to make that sound so smug, but its the truth.

  26. I totally misread the title as “Rings? Finally!” since ‘PAH’ is the American Sign Language way of saying finally (or at last).

  27. Whaaat? Thought you were meant to have clean hands and nails if you were a nurse?? Bet you work for the NHS. 🙂

  28. Jade they aren’t dirty, not my nails or my hands!
    My nails just go through hell on a daily basis… I admit the nails are definitely due for a trim, but they aren’t dirty.
    At my hospital where I work, the rule of thumb is with your hand up, palm facing you and fingertips at eyelevel, if you can see any nail growth (so anything longer than the height of of your fingertips), it needs to be cut. There were just reaching that level when these photos were taken!

  29. i think that if your a nurse you didnt really think about the placement of that microdermal, did you?

    if you hands are the tools of your trade look after them!!

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