Passionate About Bikes?

Lots of you cycling-types seemed to enjoy the Wanderlust interview with Gwen, so here’s something else bike related for y’all!

Tattoo by Juan Carlos Rodriguez of Diablo Loco Tattoos, La Mariscal, Quito Ecuador.

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7 thoughts on “Passionate About Bikes?

  1. Thanks for the link to the interview – I didn’t have time to read it before.
    it was cool to read – a few of yours more and I’ll like you almost as much as I like P.G. Wodehouse ;)

  2. Wow. It’s a heart that is run by the chain and chain ring. Cool. I like the fact that it’s coming out of the chest and the colors are awesome too. I just can’t believe you people call yourselves cyclists and haven’t picked up on that yet. Seriously. A rotor? Enough said.

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