35 thoughts on “Winged Angel

  1. Was this lady featured before with just the swirls on her shoulder? Both her and the design seem familiar and part of the design seems more healed than the rest… Is it just me going mad?

  2. looks like the beginning of a huge scarification back peice. :o
    ’cause everything she’s got done so far fits together very nicely.

  3. Wow! Normally I loathe any kind of wing imagery, but these are just gorgeous. Stunning work.

  4. Hey people, thanks for all your commentaries and compliments! You’re right, the spirals on my shoulders are still healing, but I couldn’t wait to get my wings…and it’s true, it’s going to be a big piece at the end:-)
    Thanks to Dr.Chandler!!! You are the best!!!
    You want to see more? mail to [email protected]

  5. I’ve always loved the idea of getting something like this, but realistically I don’t think I ever will. I’m so glad to see it on someone.

  6. beautiful, she reminds me of a modded nicole richey….not in a bad way

  7. This reminds me a lot of the girl that was featured awhile back with the all white ink swirls on her shoulders. Maybe that’s what everyone else is thinking of to

  8. I know I’m years late on posting this, but she looks like nichole richie, but better. And those scars on her shoulders (not the wings) are pretty (as are the wings…).

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