Always Breathe..

Jeremy (previously featured) adds..

“This tattoo by Emma, Porcupine Tattoo is a reminder to me, to always breathe! (With clouds and sunbeamy things for good measure).”

16 thoughts on “Always Breathe..

  1. Hahaha i just saw a good ironical point…the breathe tattoo is situated right near a hairy armpit…i advise peolpe not to adhere to this when in the heat of summer

  2. Haha, #2.

    I think this has a nice, simple meaning. Pretty, too – the lack of a black outline gives it a softer appearance.

  3. Personally, i would rather have gone for ‘inhale’ on the left- & ‘exhale’ on the right inner biceps… but that’s just me.

    Nice tattoo, though.

  4. What Arachne said. Unless #9 is in some kind of D/s relationship with the owner of the tattoo ;)

  5. i can’t believe #8 said this was similar to lindsay lohan’s tattoo.

    this guy has such (can’t think of adjectives) nice, fresh looking tattoos.
    i want to see him in three dimensions.

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