Whistle Down The Wind

IAM: b4youreyes says..

I’ve had my fair share of people ask if my tunnels whistle in the wind, and after going skydiving for the first time I can assure them that even at 120mph+ they don’t make a sound! My first jump was through Chicagoland Skydiving Center in Hinckley, IL.

Down to earth shot after the break..

I’m having a few minor computer issues at the moment (don’t ask!), but it shouldn’t interfere with ModBlog being updated!

26 thoughts on “Whistle Down The Wind

  1. Roo, you post so much.
    I love it.
    I was lurking a half hour ago, then came back on and refreshed and there’s already new stuff!


  2. haha! my tragus, depending on the jewelry i have it in, whistles sometimes. not so anyone else can really hear it, but it amuses me.

  3. Thats awesome.
    Personally I’d be too worried they’d come lose and fly off somewhere haha.

  4. That’s great. My 1 1/4″ ears rarely whistle, but if I’m in just the right position during a windy day, I hear it faintly. It just cracks me up.

  5. There is just SO much sound about you when you’re free falling in a sky dive, I’m not sure how he could tell if his tunnels were contributing to the noise!

  6. My uncle offered to set me up with sky diving…

    I’d be so terrified, but it’s an experience I’d love to woman up and have!

  7. They should market whistling tunnels. I’d buy some! then again i’m one of those irritating people who wears anklets with a dozen bells on and jingles wherever they go

  8. mine whistle when i run… but when you jump out of a plane and are falling at 120 mph you cant hear anything :) trust me, i tried to ask my skydiving instructor for chapstick mid-freefall… doesnt work.

  9. Its good he came down ok. Chicago Skydive has a really bad reputation for getting skydivers down much faster than intended if you know what i mean.

  10. I think it all depends on a style of tunnel that you wear. I know one set of my 10mm tunnels whistle and the others don’t. It actually kind of bothers me…

  11. Hahaha. My tunnels whistled at my bus stop whenever it was windy… It freaked me out a little until I realized what it was.

  12. yeah they are roo
    but i think what he’s trying to say is that he went to chicagoland skydive, not chicago skydive, which Dan was referring to in #15, chicago skydive is a totally different place

  13. roo – chicagoland skydiving is correct. someone said that chicago skydive had a bad rep, and i was questioning whether or not it was even the same place

  14. bah my steel tunnels used to make the faintest whistle like noise
    i’d always wear them with my best mate so i thought he’d be doing something ridiculous to my ear as we were walking
    ah i feel mental /:

  15. I traveled 128 mph on a roller coaster and my jewelry has not come out…I will find out this sunday if my plugs will stay in while skydiving as Sunday I make my first jump AFF :)

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