17 thoughts on “I Gotcha!

  1. i am mildly obsessed with suspension, i’ve tried to put a few pictures of my tat’s on here, this picture is by far the best picture of suspension i’ve ever seen.

  2. Wow, there is something very beautiful and serene about this photo. Seems to embody the caring and bonding atmosphere of suspensions perfectly!

  3. argh! … to much lens flare!!!!!!

    looks like he’s trying to shake the change out of her pockets, go for it man! Shake!

  4. I’m in total agreement with you, #2. I absolutely LOVE photos like this… it’s just the epitome of closeness :)

  5. Wow… This is a magical picture which embodies the trust needed for a suspension so good!

  6. Where’s the information? Wheres the story?
    It shouldnt be a little note underneath the picture..

    Just my opinion though.

  7. what else is there to say about it? she’s being helped into the knee suspension. by her friend. chris.
    not everything needs a story.

  8. I can understand if the information just wasn’t supplied.. but I think this is a community, and we should hear the story behind every picture, the human experiance. Where was the suspension taking place? Was it her first one?

    Please don’t take this personally though as it’s just the opinion of an old whinging git. I just always came to modblog to read about the people and the experiances, not generally to view pages and pages of pictures.. even though hell, they are sweet pictures. :)

  9. I didn’t see the suspension bit of this photo for ages but even without I think it’s quite a beautiful picture.

  10. @TheLexPest: What gets featured on modblog is mostly pulled from image submissions to BME. There, it’s left to the submitter how much information accompanies the picture on the submissions form.
    For in-depth stories, there’s the experience section. Some of them even include pictures ;)
    That notwithstanding, I loved the elaborate, in-depth way this was handled back in the day over at bodytwo….

  11. Ummm. i guess i’m new enough here to be naive enough to have had no idea what a modblog was and no idea that when i submit a phot to bme – it could end up here for anyone to see and leave comments on. I feel very nautious about this. But i suppose its my fault for not reading some sort of fine print somewhere. Thank you for everyone who gave nice comments- and yes #6- there is alot of lens flare- but the garage in the background was not very pretty ad there was beautiful light to play with coming from the open garage door- so i used it to block out all the unecessary background and make it super dramatic.
    As for “story ” needed…um i didnt know i had to do that. and there really isnt a story to tell. no it wasnt my first. and its location isnt any of your business really- why would i tell you where it was? i dont even know who the hell you are.

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