Capture Your Future..

Capture life!

Having just recently sold my lovely camera, this tattoo on Grace (by Paul at X Body Art Emporium, MA) made me feel a little nostalgic..

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28 thoughts on “Capture Your Future..

  1. its weird, ive been thinking about a chest piece of three cameras. i like this.

  2. As someone who’s got a full chestpiece (25 hours), I was wincing looking at her tattoo cause I know just how ouchy that was had to have been. That area right by the cleavage is a real bitch. I love tattoos with a somewhat unusual theme.

  3. Now, I ask you… is there anything finer in this world than the womanly breast?

  4. ooow mon rêve, une photographe à poil, avec des gros nichons et qui utilise du nikon. Que puis-je rêver de mieux?

  5. Oooh she’s gorgeous, and so is her tattoo. I can see it means a lot to her and thats the best thing. =D

  6. Thanks everyone! I hope to get more pictures back from this shoot soon.

    RooRaaah, I’d love it if you’d link this to my iam page. Perhaps I forgot to include my name when I sent the email. DancingDeadGirl.
    <3 thanks again for all the kind words guys.

  7. Oh that’s so hot.

    Film is my thing, both photography and cinematography… Very sexy.

  8. That’s like the tattoo I’ve wanted for years. :) I love the idea… And photography. Beautiful tattoo!

  9. Absolutely love this! It’s gorgeous, and so is the girl. Photography is my thing so this is just great (:

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