BME Update

Posted 1,023 images today, thanks as usual to Phil for processing the images. This update’s coverboy is Scott. I’m not sure if he’s on IAM or not since there wasn’t a link but if so, someone let me know.

There are something like 2500+ images ready to go and the backlog of emails is down to May 22nd. If you haven’t heard back about your submission and you emailed it before May 22nd, email [email protected]. Please note that if you sent your images to an email address other than [email protected] or instead of using the IAM upload or BME upload tools, they will not be posted to BME.

I’ve been thinking about some really neat contest ideas, one of which is a trip to Africa, Asia and Latin America to accompany me and a small team on an anthropological adventure. That would just be crazy. It’s at least a year out in the planning stage.

I’ve been putting together a street team to get more coverage of conventions around the world. I’ve been invited to come to NIX by Damian so I’ll be there with a booth, just like in Montreal and Buenos Aires. I love it when a plan comes together! Now all I have to do is get a new banner made in time and hope that the thousands of stickers and cards that have been ordered arrive in time!

8 thoughts on “BME Update

  1. Just like Montreal but missing the most important part, me! It just isn’t the same without me.

  2. That competition/contest idea sounds awesome Rachel! (I’d love to come along.)

  3. the competition/contest definitely DOES sound like a pretty badass idea *nods*

    also I figured that’s why I wasn’t receiving any replies to my submissions, I always submit them via my IAM page’s portfolio tracker, doh! hahaha

  4. Huh, am i reading that wrong?

    If i uploaded them trough the bme website they won’t be posted? Because i did get confirmations and username/pw just not that the pic was posted.

  5. How about some conventions here in L.A.? I go to all of them, and it would be fun to be part of a group to gather photos and stories for BME.

  6. I guess I missed something too? I uploaded some stuff on iam through a blog a few weeks ago… so do I need to resubmit via email?

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