100% Man Meat

Remember this that sparked a wave of “HE’S SO FURRY” comments? Well, Keegan (featured recently), sent me some photos of how he’s looking now, including an addition to his wrist, hocks and switches..

Three more shots after the cut break..

21 thoughts on “100% Man Meat

  1. I must say, this is still one of the most brilliant body-suit ideas I’ve ever seen, and it was rendered magnificently.

    So obscenely smitten.

  2. Those aren’t bruises, that’s excess black ink from the fresh tattoos

  3. #5

    They are saying that Keegan sent in the pictures of the fella, not that it’s himself.

  4. Gosh, anyone who thinks he’s overly furry hasn’t been to a leather/bear bar recently!

  5. Jessorz, i think he’s a chef who promised his friends they could eat him when after he died…. if i remember correctly haha

  6. I like the wrist…mainly because people seem to be mistaking it for a cut here diagram when (from what I understand) it actually says SOS in morse code.

  7. I’m not really diggin the way it looks. Usually I like simple line tattoos but this just isn’t doing it for me.

  8. First of all, the wrist tattoo is on another buddy of mine, not the butcher guy. The idea for him was he wanted it to be seen as a line from far away and an SOS from up close.And butcher guy’s a chef, but yeah he wants to be eaten when he dies. Good job #13. Or maybe that’s a joke, I dunno.

    haha funny story I heard though, he fell off his skateboard a little while ago and had to go to the doctor to get bandaged up. They were pretty surprised when he took his shirt off.

  9. Reminds me a little of the autopsy-style scarification project. If I was the coroner working on that guy’s case, oh boy would I lol. Mind you, I have a mildly twisted sense of humour. :3

  10. If its fresh tattoo ink, and not bruising, shouldnt he have shaved some of that fur off?

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