29 thoughts on “Hand of Gore and Leg of Pez

  1. I like the palm tattoo a lot and the idea of a pez tattoo but I’m not sure about the head of it, its scary..

  2. I wonder how that hand will heal, it’s a pretty complex design, moreso than any I’ve seen on a palm to date. It looks aazing now, i jusst wonder how it will look after it’s completely healed…

  3. Does he know that a hand doesn’t look like that on the inside? I guess he either decided to make it different, or isn’t anatomically oriented. Still looks pretty awesome.

  4. Awesome pez! I would’ve chosen the Garfield head, but that’s my sentimentalism. Cool tattoos. 🙂

  5. I think the artist kind of failed trying to make it look like the hand i ripped open, but rather made it look like a beautiful flower! Thus I am not critizising the skill of the artist, I’m just saying that the outcome may not be what was first intended, but better!

  6. i hope the hand tattoo holds up its a great piece of work!! ya i thought flower at first too lol

    oh the modded comunity.

    *sighs and smiles*

  7. I love the hand. It’s stylized and beautiful but still gore-tastic. I hope it holds up!
    The leg makes me afraid.

  8. #11: It’s probably meant to be more artistic than anatomically correct. but either way, have YOU seen the inside of a human hand? just curious.

    I love the pez tattoo. i remember back in the day when i used to have all the pez heads of my favorite cartoon characters.

  9. The palm tattoo is beautiful and incredibly complicated, it’s the most intricate one I’ve seen by far!

    Please please PLEASE post photos of it regularly, I think I can easily say that tons of people are very curious how this tattoo will progress in healing and how it will change.

  10. i love the hand tattoo its wicked!
    tho i think that over time it will age badly cos its on the palm
    if it were me i wud have got it on the other side of my hand,i duno why but i just think it wud have been better there
    still its great tho!!!

  11. i’ve always been afraid to get grotesque tats like that, especially ones where shit is poppin out of you r skin because i know i’d drop a few hits of acid and start freaking the fuck out. i’ve definitely had to scrub off a few sharpie creatures that were lookin at me funny (and crawling around/telling me things)

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