It’s Hard To Say Good-Bye!

A few weeks back Silje had to wave good-bye to her beloved heart implant. It was a sad day but with the help of Christiane and her fine removal skills, she made it through!

Read on for some procedural photos..

23 thoughts on “It’s Hard To Say Good-Bye!

  1. why the removal? i have been wanting an implant for quite some time, but just dont have the funds, or time to get it done…

  2. The skin over the top right part of the implant started thinning after several months. We waited for a while to see if it could be saved, but unfortunately it had to go…

  3. i wonder if any anesthetic was used?

    Or maybe I’m just a wuss… I had a circular skin removal done on my chest, alittle higher than hers but about the same size, but more round. It took a LONG time because the pain was excrutiating… lol i shudder just to think of it!

  4. 7. If you don’t have the funds to get it done, make sure that when you do get it that you have some money to cover any potential medical bills (if you live in a country without free health care). If I had to pay to have mine removed, it would have costed me a small fortune. Infections are no fun at all.

  5. Aww, if you really look you can tell how it’s thinning! How sad. Looks like it was a good removal though!

  6. Lol, did not know I was on modblog again. Haha.
    And yeah 10.000 times more uncomfortable taking it out than getting it in. I still get sick when I think about it. But like always Christiane made me feel comfortable and we had a “good time” and I got to split my tounge after removing it too.
    Now its my good luck charm and I have it with me on hard my exams :) Really miss it but thats how it goes. The feeling in my skin is still not back, and I have an even bigger scar now (the thing cut away in the pictures above. But I had a great experience.
    Im not going to rant anymore :)

  7. LIke Christiane said in here comment here; it moved a little and started to make my skin thin out on the upper left “corner”. Still have markings there, after 6 months without the implant. I really should write an experiense-thingy about it… But I just didnt think it was exciting enough or interesting.

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