Love in the Time of Dracula..

I am a huge fan of the Anita Blake book series! When they decided to make a comic adaptation, I couldn’t resist..

By Jay Woodcox, Eternal Tattoos Inc, Taylor, MI.

19 thoughts on “Love in the Time of Dracula..

  1. Nice! The text looks a little squiffy at the beginning of ‘vampires’, though. Camera angle, I sincerely hope.

  2. i like it! it looks like there are scars in it, i wonder if they are really scars or if it’s in the tattoo design somehow. if they are scars, it’s cool how the tattoo works with them.

  3. Holy shit, I <33333333 Anita Blake. Just finished “The Harlequin”. Just amazing. Anita and Jean-Claude I assume?

  4. heh. Except that Anita doesn’t quite follow that advice, later in the books… :) Still, nice to see a reference to the series (though I’ve gotten annoyed with the books as late, but that’s a different topic and not pertinent to this discussion. :) )!

  5. the film of love in the time of cholera may be shit but its one of the best books of the last hundred years

  6. I have been plotting an Anita Blake tattoo for six years or so. Yours is the first one I have seen, awesome!! Today is the day! Blood Noir =)

  7. holy crapola. my jaw dropped when i saw this tattoo
    i am OBSESSED with the anita blake series (or was, before it started to go downhill) but i still love all of the books.

    i apparently need to get the comics too!

  8. Yup, incubus dreams was kindof the end of the series in my opinion. However, the smut is kind of fun to read at times when you’re in the mood for it.

    And I as well am in love with Asher.

    That being said, lovely tattoo. Very nice.

  9. ohh
    i’ve only read the first book, loved it
    i should get my act together and look for the rest

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